My Daily Bag Essentials (Not Another Makeup Post)

Whenever someone would peek inside my bag, they would immediately comment, "ano yan makeup bag?" Yes. I am guilty of bringing excessive makeup in my bag. There are times that I bring 3-4 lipsticks a day as if my job requires my lip color to change every after two hours. Despite this fact, I never forget my daily essentials in the office. I bring two bags to the office. One bag contains my notebooks, case files, and etc. while the other contains my makeup and other necessities. Here are the things that I bring with me everyday. Warning: No makeup in this post. :)
My Iphone. Are you loving my cute Aztec book cover and the pink studded bunny ear cap? I bought the casing and the ear cap at St. Francis Square. The case costs 230 pesos and the ear cap costs 100 pesos.
If there's one thing I am not good at, that will be time management. I tend to forget a lot of things especially my schedule. I never thought that  this profession would require me the mastery of handling my time. One woman lawyer told me at a hearing, "Panyera, you need a planner. Your life depends on it." At the back of my mind, I told myself "Using my Iphone is fine, no need for planners. That is for oldies." Then, after attending two hearings of forgetting the schedules for the next trial, I knew I have to get a planner asap. I searched far and wide for the best planner. I even spent an hour browsing every planner in the National Bookstore but came home empty handed (choosy lang!!). The new Starbucks Planner is the best I have seen. However, until now, I am still gathering my Starbucks stickers. Poorita lang talaga aketch! Thus, I bought a new planner already in case I will never complete the stickers. I bought the planner at SM Department Store for 299 pesos (I think) and it looks professional-ish for my taste and with a touch of pink. I also keep a separate notebook for my notes, list of expenses, and etc. 
 My wallet. Sana dumami na pera ko..Wishing this will be LV, Chanel or kung ano mang brand na pang donya haha (sarap lang mangarap divah?!)
I also bring with me my Rayban Shades everyday. 
I have my pang porma pen from Waterman, Paris. This is a gift from my Aunt after I took the bar. She hinted that I need this when I become a lawyer. She was right. I use this pen in only in court to look big time!hahha I love my Pilot and M&G pen more. :)

Also, I never leave the house without my umbrella and handkerchief.

How about you? What are your daily bag essentials?
Godbless everyone!

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  1. ayun payong din hehe.. mahirap ang makaranas ulit ng magdate with the husband na walang dalang payong hehe

  2. I love the iPhone case! Ang cute lang. <3
    Pati ung M&G.. last year ako lang meron sa class nun kasi ang cheap daw (P9 lang sya before) ngayon puro M&G na gamit namin. Ang ganda kasi ng tinta. Hahah. :)))

  3. My shades are part of my essentials too!!
    Na kahit umuulan nasa bag ko parin!

  4. When I was single, my essentials are phone, umbrella, sunnies and wallet but now that I have kids I need tissue and wipes!

  5. I have so many notebooks and pads and books and pens and schedulers and cash diaries in my bag that someone who'd steal my bag would think they stole a highschooler's!

  6. Umbrella and house keys

  7. The phone case and bunny ear cap is too cute!!

    Ploy <3 x


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