In The Beginning

This post is my sixth installment for the "Truth Seeker Campaign" which intends to clarify common misconceptions about acne and skin care. 

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The onslaught of acne problems happen when puberty hit us. This is when all the hormonal changes happen. And the most visible and probably the most annoying of them all is acne.

I was in my teen years when this first happened, and even back then, I was doing my own diagnosis when it came to my skin. Like I previously mentioned, I tend to be my own dermatologist. So, I went to the nearest drugstore to sought out creams, gels, and soaps to improve the condition of my acne. I heard from others that picking and popping pimples would only worsen it. That’s why I avoided that. But I never knew why, and I never really understood the whole reason for it. Until I started researching and found it’s the bacteria our hands, fingers, and fingernails carry that can worsen our skin’s condition.

Going back to my path to self-treatment, the soap helped dry out the acne, but after continuous use, my skin became dry as well. The gels and creams also helped diminish the evidence of acne but every time I apply them, I get a stinging feeling.  Trial and error may have been my best friend then, but it also became my worst enemy. It was hard to skip from one product to another and end up disappointed.

Looking back, I would have appreciated blog entries like these to help teen girls combat acne. At least I won’t have to go through the procedure myself before knowing it won’t do any good. Also, it would have been great to ask my mom for advice rather than just relying on my own. Another great help would have been consulting a professional dermatologist so that I can find out what’s the best skin care regimen is for me. If only there were reliable products like Papulex back then, it would have been easier not just for me, but also for other people who need to deal with acne. If we are armed with the right information, we can easily find the right solution, especially when it comes to our skin. 



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  1. I used to be like you too when I was younger. Advertising had a big impact I guess, because during my puberty/acne stage I tried lots of products that I thought would give out promising results because of the models they use in the ads. It just got worse after. Now I stick to what my derma prescribed before. I don't visit the derma anymore but I still use the products she recommended and sometimes mix it up with new ones. I still break out but it is better now. I have seen ads of papulex though lately at facebook and I am tempted. hehe hope you can do a review if your using one.

    By the way, I missed your blog entries and I am really happy to read one from you tonight. Hope all is well now :)

  2. Acne was and still is my biggest problem now. But thank God it eventually became less when I reached 18. And this is true, we really should seek help! :)


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