The New Benetton Body Mists Collection

Twelve fragrances imagined around the most inspiring and energizing ingredients from all around the world. Inspired by diversity, the core value of United Colors of Benetton, the new Body mists collection was imagined around the most inspiring and energizing ingredients from all around the world. Twelve fresh, shiny and luminous body mists were developed: the Charming Frangipani smell to discover the warmth of Nicaragua, the Energizing Pitanga scent to get electrified by a Brazilian shot or even the Cheering Rose fragrance to be lulled by the delicate interpretation of Turkish rose….

Choose the variants that best express your personality and feel transported by their exotic and unique smells.

Use the world as your inspiration!

Growing up with a very sensitive olfactory nerves (I have allergic rhinitis for the record) made me love body mists more than perfume. I am very choosy when it comes to scents. I hate heavy scents that can befuddle my brain cells within seconds from smelling it. Benetton finally launched their new body mists collection for only 499 pesos. 
There are 12 fragrances to choose from which everyone. Quite a lot for their very first collection eh? 

Would you like to know my top two picks?
Pitanga is my very first choice!! This is a very fun scent. It was love at first smell. Sadly, I was not able to snag a bottle of this during the event.
Guarana is also a refreshing scent which comes second on my list. 
Here are the list of scents with their corresponding description. 

Thanks UCB for the wonderful event!!

Lastly, I would like to thank Miss Ems Koa for inviting me and for the concern and goodies she gave me. Thanks so much Ems.

Godbless everyone 
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  1. Oh my, a lot of choices to choose from! I would love to get my hands on one! This is like a Victoria's Secret :)

  2. I bought a Benetton Body Mist SPARKLING GUARANA Scent for a b-day gift to my wife at Zalora Phils. online shopping for only P495 and she like the scent after I've read your review. Thank you for the info.

    Everyone can try to shop online at and avail a 15% Disc. for a new member by entering this coupon code 'ZBAPaIL' before purchasing a product.

  3. I will definitely add this on my bucket list! Where did you buy your fragrance mist? I bought my Queens Secret Into the Wild Fine Fragrance Mist 236ml at a year ago, I love the scent of it because it is very relaxing and not irritating. Thank you so much for an informative post!


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