What's New? Hurraw! Lip Balm (Review + Swatches)

Hurraw! Balm contains certified organic, cold pressed and centrifuged extracted, nut/seed oils and butters that have been processed below 118F degrees and are still chocked full of their essential nutrients and enzymes. Although more expensive, the quality of cold pressed oils and raw butters is superb; you'll feel the difference…your lips will be stoked! No petroleum, parabens, preservatives, artifical flavors or colors. Did you know the shine in many lipsticks and glosses come from petroleum jelly (a bi-product of oil drilling linked to many health problems including cancer)? A recent statistic showed that over the course of a decade regular users of lip products containing petroleum, can end up ingesting seven pounds of the stuff... essentially it's like drinking gasoline.  (from Hurrawbalm.com)

 Cutieverse contacted me about a month ago and sent me Hurraw! lipbalms for me to try. I was quite excited. Errr yeah I am always excited to try new products but  I have this strong penchant for organic or vegan products. Their ingredients sound less complex compared to processed or manufactured beauty products. The benefits of using vegan products are endless. I can go weary typing away the pros of it.   There are a lot of flavors to choose from and I really had a hard time picking the flavor I wanted to try.  I got so intrigued with the combo of sun protection balm and the night protection balm.  Of course, I got a tinted one too. I honestly think that I should have gotten more fun flavors. 

Each balm is individually poured in the tube. I have been using these balms since the day I got it which is for a month now. Let me share with you the things I love about them.
What I love about this product:
  1. The packaging is sturdy. The oval shape prevents it from slipping off your pocket. 
  2. It does not have any taste.
  3. The scent is subtle and enticing.  My sister told me that these balms smell so delicious and I totally agree with her. 
  4. The balm is very solid and does not melt easily despite the very hot weather in the Philippines.
  5.  I am not a fan of lip balm because I find them heavy but this one feels really light on the lips. 
  6. The texture is smooth, non greasy or not grainy at all. 
  7. It is made out of organic ingredients. 
What I dislike about the product:
  1. It is not really moisturizing as I thought it would be. Thus, I do not reach for these balms whenever I have chapped lips. 
  2. Available only online.
  3. A bit pricey compared to other lipbalms. 
In July, ripe, delicious black cherries grace us with their sweet juicy presence straight from the east side orchards of Montana's Flathead Lake.  A deep wildcrafted alkanet infusion gives our black cherry balm a deep red sheer tint (a smidge darker than our cinnamon balm).  An all natural organic black cherry flavor makes it... tart and yum! *The tint of the Black Cherry Balm can vary in color due to the Alkanet root we infuse our almond oil with. Although we craft each batch with precision and aim  to make every balm the "same", please know that our plant infusion strengths will vary based on seasonal growing fluctuations & is somewhat expected when using 
100% natural ingredients. 
  (from Hurrawbalm.com)

Price: 250 pesos
I highly recommend the Black Cherry Tinted Balm. It gives off a nice gloss on the lips but not over the top shine with a hint of color. It looks so natural on the lips without the over top glossiness. I prefer lining my lip line first and finishing off with this balm. This has got to be my May go-to product. 
A good night's sleep can be the best thing ever.
We have been using our Moon Balm Formula for years and thought other lip balm lovers would dig using a Night Treatment Balm as well.  Extra thick, creamy and rich; this balm has some serious staying power. The Vanilla and Peru Balsam scent will lull you to sleep. 
Azulene packed Blue Chamomile lends a gorgeous green-blue color and soothes your lips for some true beauty z's! 
  (from Hurrawbalm.com)Price: 350 pesos

Out of the three balms I got, the scent of this balm is best. It smells really relaxing.  It feels very light on the lips, thus, I don't mind using a lip balm nightly for overnight  moisturization. (I am not fond of applying balms nightly because I get too uncomfortable that I would eventually wipe it off. I must say, however, that this balm falls is an exception.)
We love the Sun. It's amazing. We believe limited, smart exposure is actually pretty o.k. for the skin. But for those long exposure times, our SPF 15 Sun Balm will give your lips the extra protection they need. It glides on silky smooth *(and virtually clear) like our regular balms but we formulated it to be extra thick and creamy for longer staying power while out in those shining rays! Juicy Tangerine, Roman Chamomile and a hint of Vanilla make it nourishing and calming for your lips.  Packed full of amazing cold pressed oils to moisturize, protect and heal.   (from Hurrawbalm.com)
Price: 350 pesos
I am not fond of the tangerine scent but I always kept this balm in my purse. I also brought this on my short trip to the beach because of the SPF 15. The downside of this lipbalm is that it creates a white tint on the lips. I was unaware of this.The first time I used it with three to four swipes and I looked sick when I saw myself in the mirror. Waahh!! Remember that one to two swipes of this balm is enough. More than that, you will end up looking anemic. 

You can find Hurraw! Lip Balms at http://cutieverse.com/

Overall, I like Hurraw balms because there are no harmful ingredients in them.  It is purely organic and a certified vegan product.  I highly recommend the black cherry tinted balm to my readers. It is one of the best tinted lip balm I have tried because the finish looks very natural on my lips.

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  1. Well it's a bit expensive compared to the lip balm I'm currently using but sounds worth it naman. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Would give it some thought pa... :)


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  3. I love products that are organic because they're not harmful. Thank you for the review! :)

  4. Where can I purchase these balms?


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