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I always had a hard time wearing heels. By mid day, my feet would get all swollen and painful. Thus, I never go out of the house without bringing flip flops whenever I wear high heels whether to an event, office or just elsewhere. Before, I would buy flats or sandals but they really add weight to my heavy office bag filled with makeup and daily essentials. It was my first time to attend  a non beauty event. I met two beautiful bloggers, Mish of Onesies and LBD and Monika of Mom Gone Vain. 
A new sensation to tickle your soles has come to town. From the sister brand Banana Peel, Nutmeg flip flops are made to cater to the young and fancy, free spirited individuals who just can’t get enough of the flip flop craze but are mostly budget-conscious. Nutmeg flip flops come with a variety of cute and quirky collections made from durable materials. Expressing oneself through unique designs that spells comfort and fun, being classy and sassy is never pricey.

Their collection are really cute which inevitably brought out the teen in me. Fun, Colorful and Fearless. Their designs are very eye catching and you will surely find something that will suit your taste and personality. They have a very affordable price range that will not break the bank. 
The Mustache Design is very popular nowadays. I have seen it on accessories, tees and now on flipflops! 

I got the Woodroofe Design and it feels comfy and it is very sturdy too.


COMBINING CLASSY AND SASSY elements this 2013, Nutmeg flip flops is all about playful teenage fun. This encapsulates Nutmeg flip flops' event entitled Sassyfied: Nutmeg's 1st Blogger's Forum. The event serves as the brand's transition period of showcasing designs ranging from quirky to classy-sassy . Nutmeg has been catering to teenage girls since 2010. Its affordable price, coupled with cute designs made it an instant hit among its market. However, the need to innovate Nutmeg's tween image that highlights cartoon printed graphics also signifies that like other teens, Nutmeg has room for improvement. "Basically, what we did this year was to relaunch Nutmeg's image as a flip flops brand that bridges the gap between the tween spirit and the lady image." Nutmeg's Brand Manager Hazel Andres said.The idea to combine sassy and classy elements into one design and exhibited on every pair is a testament to its tagline “Classy. Sassy. Never Pricey.” makes Nutmeg capture the spirit of every teen. So go classy and be sassy. Have fun indoors or outdoors. Wear it inside your home, or travel with it outside the city. Fun under the sun, or play in the rain, Nutmeg flip flops is your companion in all things fun and fancy. (from Nutmeg's PR)
Here are the designs that I fell in love with at the event:
The girl looks like a beauty blogger to me!! Must find this design ASAP! 
I have an odd obsession on nautical designs! 
This looks so chic! Don't you think?

Have a blessed day everyone!!

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  1. i think i saw this brand at SM Calamba =)

  2. They remind me of Banana Peel, and they are in a similar price point. The wedges are cheaper for Nutmegs though. Love the moustache designs!

  3. Wooow! Sayang I wasn't able to come to the event. I must have seen you again Ms. Donna. :( Niceeee designs by the way! Will definitely try Nutmeg ^_^

  4. It's the first time I've read and seen Nutmeg and their designs. They're so cute and affordable. <3


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