NYX Matte Bronzer in Deep (Review and Photos)

NYX Matte Bronzer in Deep

Out of utter desperation in search for The Balm's Bahama Mama Bronzer, I ended up buying this Matte bronzer at Digital Traincase because the latter was not and is still not available at any beauty bar counters. I think I bought this for only 330-350 pesos (preorder). From the time I learned the wonders of contouring, I was always in the look out for the best matte bronzer out there sans the reddish tones. I bought this due to its very affordable price and based on a US blogger review. I really wanted a matte brown color without  a slightest hint of shimmer to achieve that model-esque cheek bones. 
There are 5 shades of this product and I chose Deep which is a deep cool brown. 

I love the packaging of this bronzer.  Surprisingly, the glossy black compact looks very posh with a high end touch. The huge mirror is a major plus. The compact is almost as huge as my palm. Whoa!!! That's a lot of product don't you think?
Deep has a neutral tones to it and does not appear orangey on me. It looks natural on my medium yellow skin tone without looking muddy at all. This bronzer has a soft texture. It glides smoothly when applied. A light hand is very much needed because of its high pigmentation. Despite its intense color, the product does not create patches on my cheeks once applied nor did it cake. The color is buildable too. I observed that this bronzer tends to be a bit powdery which I do not mind at all. It does not last that long even on my dry skin, the maximum would be 3-4 hours without primer underneath.  There is a need to retouch through out the day. Sadly, this is not available locally but online shops offer a great deal on this bronzer. I really think that this bronzer looks very photogenic and naturally creates depths and shadows on my face. 
How do I apply this bronzer?
I apply it with my Virginia Olsen Sculpting Brush in a "3" shape on the sides of my face and underneath my unnoticeable cheek bones. I also apply underneath my chin area to achieve that oval shaped face. 

Lipstick in Wet n Wild Stoplight Red
Brows: BYS Slanted Brow and Eye Pencil in Brown

This is how the bronzer looks like on me. I only applied it on the right side of my face and at the upper portion of my nose bridge between my brows. The color looks natural on me eh?
 My bronzing/Contouring Face Chart/Map
For contouring, I used my ELF bronzer in the ELF blush/bronzer Duo.
If you are new to my blog , then you would have not seen this picture yet. My older pictures were accidentally erased a year ago. This is one of my favorite blog post ever. Thanks to a pinner named Trinity Pepin, this picture has been repinned for 202 times in Pinterest!! yay!!! Thanks so much. If you are wondering how I contour my face this is my bronzer/contour map to show you where to place your bronzers. BTW, I looked darker in the picture because I used a darker shade of foundation. :) Oh how I miss doing posts like this. The legal profession has ravaged my once creative mind!! haha

If you are looking for an affordable matte bronzer, NYX Matte Bronzer is truly worth a try. Will I buy again? No. I am now saving for a Benefit Hoola or my long time lemming (The Balm's Bahama Mama).

Have a blessed day everyone!!

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  1. Very pretty! Bagay sayo ang red lipstick :)

  2. I was able to buy my TheBalm Bahama Mama in TriNoma 3rd floor i think? I dont remember but it was in a certain store that houses several more cosmetics like NYX, UD and brushes... Baka mahanap mo din dun. Good luck :)

  3. Ang fresh naman ng red lip / bold brows look mo!

  4. Prominent and brows and red lips like it!

  5. Bakit po mkha kang katulong?

    1. hehe Ganon talaga kasi I AM A SERVANT OF GOD AND A SERVANT OF JUSTICE.. :)) Bongga lang diba?

    2. Nice answer Ms DOnna..:))))

  6. Maka-mukhang katulong naman. E ikaw bakit ka anonymous at walang pic? Kailangang itago? LOL Mga tao talaga. Tsk tsk

    1. korek ka jan. baka sya mukhang mandirigma haha

  7. To the "anonymous" who's anonymous, as I was saying, first look in the mirror, ask yourself " do I like and LoVE who's looking back at me?" do me a favor and choose your battles. Do yourself a favor, not here. Don't go there... U will feel worst than before not better.

  8. I do remember that photo sis! I have to agree it's stunning ^_^

  9. to miss anonymous: bakit po di ka ugaling tao?

    BTW, great post Ms. Donnarence, helped me a lot thanks for sharing!

  10. do you know how this compares to the Nyx Powder Blush in Taupe? i have it kasi and it's not that pigmented.. it doesn't show up when i'm using it for contouring... gusto ko pa na man sana mag-practice galore sa pag-contour..

  11. Thanks for the guide! I really love the way you contour! :))

  12. Wow, so this is how you contour the face. Thanks for the review <3

  13. It looks great on u!!! Would u recommend Deep for fair-skinned people?


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