Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara Review

 I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this local mascara. I was honestly hesitant in purchasing local mascaras  because the ones I have tried before are no good at all. Also, I would rather add a few bucks and take home a mascara from my trusted brand, Maybelline. I bought this on a whim after realizing that my favorite Kpalette 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara has dried up after using it for more than three months. My risk appetite was a bit high that day so I bought the mascara without even looking at the formula. Haha!! Oh well, the red slim tube is something I fell in love with at the first time I saw it. It look so sleek that you will not even say that it is from a local brand. 
The bristles is a made out of plastic/rubber. It one of the longest mascara brush that I have ever used.I find it very easy to use and maneuver. I can apply mascara even in the inner and outer corner of my eyes with a breeze. The slim brush also makes application on the lower lashes easy. The mascara delivers a very pigmented black shade once applied. This mascara has a wet formula which is quite disappointing. I prefer using mascaras with drier formulas because they work well with my short and sparse lashes. 
With 2-3 coats of the mascara

I noticed that this mascara lengthens my lashes pretty well. It also separates my lashes with one - two coats, however, this mascara tends to clump when you apply more than two coats. As evidenced by the photo above, you can see that instead of adding volume to my lashes it created a spider leg like effect on my lashes.

The Good:
  1. Very affordable for 225 pesos
  2. Locally available
  3. The black shade is very pigmented
  4. The slim brush makes mascara application very easy on both upper and lower lashes. Due to its slim wand, I can apply mascara on hard to reach areas like the inner corners.
  5. It lengthens my lashes (not 2x the length of my lashes as this mascara claims). 
  6. Despite its wet formula, it can hold my curl for 3-4 hours (not whole day) and it surprisingly does not weigh down my lashes
  7. Smudge proof and water proof
  8. It does not flake. 
The Bad:
  1. This mascara takes forever to dry because of its wet formula.
  2. It clumps big time after the second coat.
  3. I have a hard time removing it. Even my all time favorite Ponds cold cream can not remove this mascara easily. 
  4. It takes time to dry. I have to prevent  myself from blinking until it dries or else, I would end up looking like a raccoon.
With Fashion 21 Mascara and tight line on the right eye

Can you see the difference? 

Overall, this is is the best LOCAL mascara I have tried. Despite its tendency to clump my lashes , I actually like this product because it is very affordable, it holds my curl for hours and it lengthens my lashes well.

What is your favorite local mascara?

Have a blessed day everyone!

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  1. This mascara has a lot of great reviews! proud that a filipino made mascara is a great quality kind. :)

  2. Hi Ms. Donna! Thanks for this review. Ngayon lng ako gumagamit nang mascara and the one I'm using is from BYS. My mother bought it kasi and since wala akong masyadong experience sa mascara. I used it din. Kaya lng it's so hard to apply on the lower lashes because of the bristles and like the Fashion21 masara you're using, its wet formula din. Pro I'd love to try this.

  3. wwaahhh! dahil dito sa post mo.. bibili na aketch!!

  4. It's pretty good with lengthening, but I hesitate on the wet formula. They are usually more lightweight and conform to a curl easily, but they make my fine lashes get stuck together soooo.. IDK. 50/50 on this one.

  5. i adore the lengthening property but i dislike that it takes quite long to dry up..

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    Chamee of PIXELS AND TALES

  6. I love the lengthening effect, sis! I wanna try it ASAP! But I have super straight lashes and even if I curl them, most mascaras tend to make my eyelashes straight again (except for Benefit's They're Real and Maybelline's Hypercurl/Volume Boost which I think are the "dry formula" kind). Though most of the time, I still would need to re-curl my lashes AFTER putting on mascara, which is really annoying because it takes forever for most mascaras to dry for me to re-curl my lashes. :(

    BTW, I love how you take super close-up photos of your eyes. You're such a pro at it! I'm still trying to do it right. ^_^ Any tips?


  7. Yes me too. I have read and watched tons of reviews about his mascara and it can do wonders! :) it's like you're wearing a false eyelashes :) My favorite is from Maybelline :)

  8. I love the effects on your eyelashes. I love the lengthening effect. I personally like this more that Maybelline's Volume Express ( because that produces more clumps. Thanks for this review :)

  9. I've read lots of nice reviews on this product. This might be my next one after I used up my 2 mascaras. I have thick lashes so I like the lengthening than the volumizing effect. :)

  10. Have you tried just washing your face with your regular face wash? When I do that, the mascara on my lashes comes right off without a trace of mascara left on my lashes. That's how the SA told me to take it off and it works like a dream. But I agree, it gets clumpy. Still a pretty good buy at Php 225, right?


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