Squeaky Clean!!! Products I Use To Remove My Makeup

If there is one beauty crime that I would never want to commit, that would be sleeping with makeup on.  Most of the time, I only commute going to the office of elsewhere, so, it is evident that aside from makeup, gunk and dirt from Manila's horrible pollution  also stuck to my face. Having super sensitive, my fear would always be waking up with a face filled with rashes. Thus, cleaning my face is an inevitable part of my daily routine. No matter how dead tired I am after a day's labor, I find time to clean my face.  Let's start with the routine:
I have tried using oil and water based cleanser but I always go back to Ponds Cold Cream. I have been an avid user of this cream for years. The formula is thick and very moisturizing. It does not leave an oily or greasy feel after wiping it off.  It just feels like applying lotion on your face.  I gently massage it around my eye area and it can remove the most stubborn makeup like waterproof mascaras, eye shadow and waterproof eyeliners very well.  It does not sting nor burn my eyes. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin and I can vouch that this is very safe to use around the eye area. The smallest tub only cost less than 150 pesos. 
When I slept over at a friend's house, I brought out this cream. She curiously asked what it was for. I, then demonstrated on how I use it. She looked really amazed upon seeing that all the mascara and eye makeup slid off after massaging this cream over my eye area. haha

Then, I wipe off the Pond's Cold Cream with a makeup cleanser tissue. Before, I use a cotton ball to wipe off the Pond's Cold Cream then I discovered the wonders of makeup wipes!! Makeup wipes compared to cotton balls helps in removing the makeup easily. They are also very moisturizing and more gentle to use especially around the eye area.
I got this makeup wipes from the SM Beauty Box. Have you heard about the SM Beauty Box? If not, then click here. Watsons carries a lot of affordable makeup wipes that will suit your budget. My favorite is from Glamworks which only costs 49 pesos for 20 wipes.

I gently press and massage the makeup tissue on my eye area to remove makeup especially mascara.Careful not to rub your area because it can cause dark circles. 

Then, I pull out a clean tissue and remove the rest my face makeup.
Afterwards, I cleanse my face with Moringa-O Herbal Facial Toner.  For years, I have been an avid user of Eskinol but I decided to this Morina-O Toner a try because of the great reviews online. The Moringa O Toner is very light on the skin and feels so refreshing. Its does not leave my skin tight after use. Here is what the product claims:

  • Cleansing - gently cleanses residual dirt without drying
  • Oil Control
  • Pore Minimizing
  • Stimulate cell regeneration and skin renewal
  • Anti-bacterial, Anti-acne - may help reduce pimples
  • Moisturizing dry skin - deeply nourishes, moisturizes and smoothens dry skin
  • Improves skin elasticity and suppleness
  • Skin lightening
The last step is washing my face with Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash. Can you see the small holes on the tube? Thank to One, our puppy who chewed this. This is one of the best product form Celeteque that I have tried and it only cost 150 pesos. This facial wash is filled to the brim which makes it hard to squeeze on the first use. On my lazy days, I just use this and it does a great job of  removing makeup even stubborn mascaras (Ohh but  I have to cleanse my face twice). 
My squeaky clean face!!BF loves it when I do not have any makeup on. Does your boyfriend tell you that too? 

Have a blessed day to all!!

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  1. My uncle used to have the Ponds Cold Cream way back year 2000. lol I think dapat ito na gamitin ko. I am starting to dark under-eyes maybe because of too much rubbing that I am doing everytime I take off my waterproof mascara. I will have this on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing what you use in removing your makeup Donna :)

  2. i super love your skin :) ask lang po ako what treatment you use if you have a pimple? (knocks on wood)

  3. You have the best pics of all time! And I love how you fit everything under Php 500. I didn't think much of the Moringa O2 toner but it's one of my faves now :)

    And also, it was nice to finally meet you in person :)

  4. ay I want to try that Moringa-O toner, hope I could find it here in UAE.


  5. Yay! Very informative. :) I was able to use Celeteque facial wipes, facial wash with beads and the plain facial wash. But now I switched to Mary Kay...Though I am still a big fan of Celeteques Facial wipes...


  6. am guilty of this beauty crime sometimes :(
    sa sobrang pagod & antok. thanks for the reminder

  7. I think all boyfriends say that, which I appreciate, but I like guys who also like our art by using makeup and how it expresses ourselves. Hearing "You look amazing without makeup" is absolutely fantastic but I wish they wouldn't discount our love of making ourselves up and make-up in general. I prefer the statement "You look amazing with OR without makeup" more :)


  8. When I saw this post, I immediately read other reviews of the Pond's Perfect Care Cold Cream. All were positive reviews so I bought this product yesterday. I gave it a try a while ago and I think this really is a good product. Thanks for sharing some of your beauty secrets. :D

  9. you have nice skin... :) sana i'm as metikoloso as you when cleaning my face before sleeping... i just wash my face and that's it... hahaha... minsan may mga eyeliner pang natitira...

  10. Love your night routine girl :) but I haven't tried ponds cold cream. I just wash my face agad and apply toner and moisturizer. ♥

    Your BF is so sweet. And yes. :) mine tells me too and i love it ♥

  11. I don't what it is but I'm kind of allergic to any Ponds product :( But nonetheless, I still can use other products thanks to this post. I use Celeteque. There's something about Celeteque that makes my face pimple free and I love it. How much is the Malunggay toner and where is it available? :)


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