Quick Post: Cutting Your Own Hair

 I have been meaning to trim my own hair ever since it got long. I miss having super long locks and my hair looks so healthy now. I have been using a lot of good products like Dove shampoo and Intensive repair conditioner. I decided to trim my own hair because I always get the wrong cut whenever I got salons. Whenever, I ask for a trim they would usually cut 2 inches off my hair and of course I end up getting frustrated. Thus, after mustering all the courage I have and after watching numerous videos in youtube on how to trim ones hair, I decided to trim it yesterday. 
 I bought this scissors in Landmark which only cost 154 pesos. 
 I started by trimming my bangs because I have psoriasis flare ups on my forehead which I need to hide.
 Sectioned my hair with the help of our very nice kasambahay.
I started to snip 1/2 to 1 inch of hair slowly and followed the shape and layers of my hair. I also made sure that my hair is properly blow dried. I opted to cut it with dry hair but I think cutting a damp hair is easier because you could clearly see the length of hair that you snip. My mother told me I maintained the V shape of my mane at the back but I failed to get a decent picture of it.
Rosebud143 has got one of the best how to cut your hair online. Click here to see the video:

I think for a first timer, I did an okay job but definitely not great. My layers are a bit hard to follow but I just wanted to remove all my slit ends so I would rather cut my hair myself than paying the salon.

Have you tried cutting or trimming your own hair?
Share your experience here!

Have a blessed day everyone!

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  1. I always cut my bangs since I was in 5th grade! I think I do a better job than the salons do. It's so hard to explain what kind of cut I like for my bangs. :P

  2. Wow what a great product! I will tell my best friend about this! She always calls me to cut her bangs, maybe she can try doing it with the help of these scissors hihihi

  3. Wow. I can't even cut my bangs. Lol.

  4. You look so cute and young with the new hair! Layers look GOOD on you :D

  5. My baby sister cuts her bangs with those type of scissors. too. This post just reminded me that I have to learn mini-DIY-ing my hair! After all, most salons charge the full rate nga even if you're just having a portion of your hair cut.

  6. Wish I have the courage to this. I have a friend who cuts her own hair perfectly. I have no talent in hair cutting, I guess. Hehe

    You look so nice too! Looking at your photo makes me miss my long black hair more.

  7. I used to cut my own bangs too eversince! :)) Anyways nice blog!
    following you now. x

  8. I really love hair styling or even hair cutting, whenever I learn something new I try it with my cousins.
    Its a good thing that I don't mess up their hair. It bet that its a bit hard to trim your own hair :D
    Nice trying though! You did it well.

    Loving it!♥

  9. I've never cut my own hair. I'm just scared to do so...lol
    looking great sis!

  10. Nice one! .. I always cut my bangs, and satisy naman ako sa result keysa sa salon gagastos pa ako.. gUSTO kong Bangs ngayon yung kay Toni G, korean lang ang peg. pano kaya gawin un?.. wala ako idea

  11. ah.. just short cuts, yun nde halata.. lol. but i would want to someday. am sporting a short bob now :)

  12. Nice! Haha I really don't have a talent to style my own hair. I just stick to ponytails and classic braids. Haha! :) But cutting my own hair? that would be a total disaster if I attempted to do it :p

  13. Thanks for sharing not sure want to do it myself yet. Maybe will try when have enough courage. By the way, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can check out for more info here: http://marykyutroseysanctuary.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-versatile-blogger-award-nomination.html

  14. My youngest sister is always dreaming of putting up a salon someday. So when Ive read about this blogpost couple of months ago i went to landmark to purchase something like ghis (hate the inconsistency of their prices) the one i bought cost about 124 pesos but i want something like what you have but it is priced 300plus *sigh eh yun nga i remember that you just bought yours for only 150something so i just settled with the plastic handled trimming scissors. I let my little sis do the job (the trimming and cutting) because she wants to own a salon nga pero it turns out like she just used a normal scissors. Sobrang pantay ung paggupit niya sakin. Guess, we still have a lot to learn.

  15. Haven't tried cutting my own hair,Natatakot ako baka magkamali ako e.


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