Review: Careline BB Cream (Whitening)

 Due to the recent typhoon that hit the Philippines, I suddenly felt I needed to take a break from blogging. News on the aftermath of Yolanda was utterly heart shattering. My mom was crying early yesterday when we watched a video clip of people asking for help. I, for one experienced losing my grandfather in 2011 after a year my house was razed by fire but I could not imagine the hurt and pain all these people are going through when tragedy struck them in one great blow. The destruction was truly unprecedented, death toll continues to rise, the amount of damage is just unthinkable.  Link on where to send your help is provided above on my photo stream. Just click the photo and you be diverted to

Okay. Let's go to the review.  You would know by now that I get super excited featuring the newest makeup products that are locally available.One of the cheapest BB Cream in the local market is the Careline Whitening BB Cream. This one offers three shades: Nude,  Fresh and Natural (in their respective order of shades Light-Dark). The first peculiar thing I noticed from this BB Cream is the perfume scent. My college friends would call it "parishioner" scent or lola's Chanel No. 5. I find it strong and stays on the skin unless you completely set it with powder.  The shade selection is ok. The range can fit fair skin to medium ones but those that belong to the extreme end of the spectrum will not (e.g. those that are too fair or those that have deeper skin tones than NC40 perhaps). The consistency is creamy and blendable but this settles and dries quickly. I was afraid that it might look too blotchy on my dry skin but amazingly it did a good job of evening out my skin. After drying, this settles on my face like second skin. This has a semi matte finish.   It feels lightweight and lasts on my face longer than I expected. Whenever I use this BB Cream, I just do minimal touch ups. 
I got the shade in Nude. One layer of this BB Cream can temper the redness on my skin in an instant. Nude is one shade lighter than my skintone, however, it blends well on my skin after setting it with ZA Perfect Fit Foundation.
Without Careline BB Cream, With Careline BB Cream

It took me a while to do this review because I honestly have mixed feelings on this product. It is ok but I will not repurchase it even if it only costs 120 pesos. I am unsure of this product as I think Careline is just going with the BB Cream trend. I also think that a true BB Cream has more benefits other than those of a normal foundation like sun protection, anti aging properties, etc. but this BB cream does not promise any benefits except whitening which I am doubtful of.

Have you tried thsi BB Cream?
What are your thoughts?

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  1. good review dear...i m not really a fan of bb creams.... nice pictures too :) m new to ur blog!!


  2. wow careline's coming up with new products na ha. I remember having my first palette from them,hehe

  3. This is a good one I mean compare to their oil control liquid foundation. I agree with you though that BB creams should offer more benefits and not just whitening. And I hate it that they already increase their prices :(

  4. hmmm did it make your skin oily at the end of the day? what I hate about careline is that they tend to get greasy or oily and their product are not long lasting enough.

  5. I think your face looked hydrated and better without the BB cream. And yes, Careline products are cheap but not perfect quality.

  6. I think your face looked hydrated and better without the BB cream. And yes, Careline products are cheap but not perfect quality.

  7. I don't like the design of the tube when I saw it the first time. It reminds me of chinese products :(
    I have the same thought, I feel like they're just joining the trend.

    Is this okay for oily skin?

    ~" A Probinsiyana's blog "~

  8. Is it safe to use during pregnancy? Please reply 😊

  9. The cream looks good. Hopefully it will help the dry skin. We will try most of them and post our reviews too :)

    Would be happy if u follow our website + Facebook & Instagram page too.


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