Are You Ready for 2014?

I am not used to planning or scheduling ever since. I deem it a waste of time to take down notes of my meetings and agenda for the day. I find that my memory is sufficient to remember everything. Then, I entered the litigation world. My memory became too unreliable to remember all deadlines and hearings. I finally learned to use a planner. I thought it was gonna be easy. I went through 4 different planner this year and I decided not to use all of them in the end. I have thousand of reasons you would not want to hear. The primary one being  - "hindi ko feel!"  Jinarte mode as it may sound all the planners I used looked all corporate enough that it dwindled my sizzle in looking forward to events. Looking at my planners, they look bland and dull! 

Now, forget about sipping frappes and other weight increasing drinks just to get your planner.  Belle de Jour offers different types of planners that will suit your lifestyle and needs. I got the Power Planner sans the colorful girly packaging. I chose the grey one. It looks so professional outside but has all the fun stuff inside!
They also have countless of coupons I am super excited to use.
Who says planners have to be boring and lifeless!?
One of my to do list: Learn to Drive!!! hihi
Are you ready for 2014?
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I surely am! With God's unending grace and limitless provisions, I am ready to jumpstart 2014 with a heart filled hope and God's love!


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  1. I consider planners unnecessary as well at this stage of my life. I find that my phone's note app is enough to remind me of the things I need to do. But I agree that planners are lifesavers for really busy people!

  2. waaah... it's my 4th time na to see a review for this planner. I think I should really ditch my starbucks planner na T_T

  3. i had a BDJ planner at the very last year of my organized life. It was great! I'm so in awe with BDJ.


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