Quick Post: New Landmark Brushes

No. You are not seeing a double post. I know I have made a blog post about the brushes from Landmark before, this time they have new brushes. When I said brushes, tons of new brushes!!! I had the opportunity to pass by Landmark after my hearing (without BF with me, if he was.. He'll definitely lecture about financial literacy and I will go home empty handed.. Buti nakatakas aketch lols) and I bought three new makeup tools. Oh boy, it was a hard decision because there were a lot of good finds in Landmark.
Noconi Blender Sponge
 This costs only 124 pesos. It is not as bouncy and soft like the beauty blender even when wet. I love the grip of this brush and for 124 pesos, why complain? haha
 Finally, a new kabuki brush. I got this 149 pesos. This is soft and really dense. I washed it a while ago and it did not bleed but it did shed a few hair.
 A flat top kabuki that costs 144.75 pesos only.This is way bigger than the Artist Studio Angled Flat Top. It is as soft as a baby's cheeks. hihi It did not shed nor bled when I washed it. 
 The brushes you will see at Landmark Trinoma. It was a a feast to a beauty enthusiasts' eyes!
 Colorful brushes
 Bamboo handles like Ecotools but cheaper.. This set costs 409 pesos if I am not mistaken.
Cute and colorful Kabuki brushes 
Lastly,new brushes of Artist Studio with  white handles. The stippling brush caught my eye. Now, I think I must go back to get one!! It only cost 129 pesos.

Do you love cheap thrills?
I do!!! What are you waiting for? Sugod na sa Landmark! haha 
(Hmm..I should really get paid for always promoting Landmark talaga! joke!)


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  1. Need to go to Landmark. Lol. :D

  2. I saw those brushes too last Monday and was so tempted to get some pero I just thought na next pay day na lang. Haha! <3

  3. OM!!! I loved their Artist Studio brushes. I HAVE to visit Landmark really soon to check out these new ones! Thanks for sharing, Donna. Naexcite ako nung nakita ko yung Artist Studio na white ang handles :D

  4. haaayyy.... kelan pa kaya ako makakabalik sa trinoma, my fave mall... anyhoo... buti nalang si hubby supportive sa pagbili ko ng RT brushes ko noon... sabi nya bilhin ko nalang daw ngayon habang wala pang baby... pag may baby na raw, di ko na raw iisipin yung mga ganyang "luho" kasi mga bagay na ng baby yung gustong binibili pag mommy na diba... may point na man sya... so go ako sa bili ng RTs ko... hahaha... so ok lang yan Atty... basta di na man overspending yung ginagawa, ok lang... ^_^

  5. Why don't I have Landmark here!!!! GRRRR!!

  6. I love the beauty section at Landmark. They sell very affordable tools, and there are makeup counters in there too! Those kabuki brushes are nice to have!!!
    xo,Juvy :-)
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  7. Gotta buy new brushes. We can never have too many brushes. :)

  8. omg.. i need to go to landmark!

  9. How is the sponge? Does it blend nicely enough? I bought a blender sponge from Etude House and I really like it, but it would be nice to know if there's an affordable alternative since the EH one is over PHP300 :)

  10. Which landmark po ito? :D

  11. I saw these in landmark too! Pero ang daming tao sa brush area kaya umalis na lang ako, next time na lang. Hihi..

  12. Envy mode on :) i love brushes from The Landmark, cheap yet soft and strong, a must buy talaga every time i vist there, that's one thing i never ever forget to buy. I'm eyeing for their mini kabuki brush because it cute and cheaper compared to other brands and brushes. I never saw the ones with the colorful tips but i really wanted those for my collection. :)

  13. Must.Go.To.Landmark.NOW!!! I love the Artist Studio brushes and I love the white handles even more!

  14. I wish I had spent a lot more time running around in Landmark while visit Manila.


  15. What brand are those colorful brushes? Your blog made me too excited that I could hardly sleep last night. Gaaah~♡


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