Enjoy Hair Free Day At Pink Parlour

Pink Parlour, the rebellious sister of all beauty salons is back with girly gusto! Take out those smart
phones and drop a reminder to yourselves on these fabulous date. Sashay your way to Pink Parlour's
beautiful little corner in A.venue makati where most love to hang out and chill together. Be tickled pink on 23rd  February 2014 with the inaugural annual soiree, Pink Parlour's Hair Free Day! Trim, prune and be hair free at an amazing price of only P299* per treatment!

Pink Parlour intends to make you scream in excitement! With all the 'Pink' in store, you'd wonder why
you never thought of being hair free at all. Cozy up at Pink Parlour's little haven and make a friend or
two. Our signature pink and black theme will embrace you and make you feel like a pampered princess
with a rebellious streak. No prior appointment needed, so just come along and make a beeline as we go
by the golden rule, first come first serve basis. Walk in with an untamed mane and walk out purring
with confidence.

Waxing virgins, get ready for a life-changing phenomena as you discover the wonders of waxing! Step
into Pink Parlour and spoil yourself, leaving with poise and ready to conquer the world! Try out Pink
Parlour's most popular waxing treatments such as the underarm, half-leg and the crème de la crème,
Brazilian wax. Relax, take a deep breath and open up to our professional and friendly therapists as Pink
Parlour promises quality hygiene standards. Pink Parlour emphasizes on the importance of cleanliness
and ensure that all equipments are sterilised before and after every single treatment. After all, Pink
Parlour is a pioneer with the 'no double dipping rule' in lion city of singapore.

Take a breather and hang around after your treatment as our dedicated therapists share Pink Parlour's
special packages with you, available only at the event. On top of these 'mind blowing' deals, hit 'Like'
on Pink Parlour's Facebook page, 'Follow' Pink Parlour Ph on Instagram and be rewarded with a
goodie bag worth over P500, only at Pink Parlour's Hair Free Day!

Whether you are a waxing veteran or a first-time kitty, we have given you enough reasons to satisfy
your curiosity, therefore come on over to Pink Parlour's newest guilty pleasure and indulge! The fun is
just about to start!

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