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A recent discovery I am so excited to share with you is my new found brush cleaner. Just when I was about to cave in to the brush cleaners online worth thousand of pesos, I found a super duper affordable alternative. I have tried Joy dishwashing cleanser, perla soap then I soak my brushes on downy afterwards for a long lasting scent - I ended up having allergic rhinitis because the scent from Downy was damn too strong and ELF Brush Shampoo which I am not a fan of. A month ago, I was busy with gigs almost everyday that my dirty brushes piled up like a homework. I ran out of dish washing soap and grabbed the available soap in out cabinet. There are two brands but I opted to use Safeguard for the germ protection purposes. And, oh boy, it was a eureka moment for me. I rubbed my brushes and sponge onto the bar soap and due to the hardness of the soap, my brushes were cleaned easily by rubbing them gently on the bar soap. I clean my brushes almost every other day or whenever I need to and a bar of Safeguard can last me for a month. It has a clean scent and it is not as harsh like a laundry soap. What's to love about it even more is that only cost 15 pesos. I also found out about Shield Bath Soap which has the same properties as Safeguard's and it only costs 10 pesos. Shield has a more subtle scent tham Safeguard's but I love its moisturizing properties.  
Also, I have been loving my first ever spot brush cleaner. This is from Ellana Minerals and at first I was really skeptical on using it. Being a makeup artist, this is a must have because I do not bring all of my brushes with me and if you have different clients for the day, you need adapt to their shades and different color preferences, thus, spot cleaning is a must. This brush cleaner is smells so good like Melons. It also cleanses my brushes really well even my brushes used for liquid or cream products. Ellana Minerals Brush Cleaner feels oily once sprayed on the brushes but like magic, the greasiness disappears but it leaves my brush clean. It also dries quickly. Thus, I do not have to wait for my brushes to dry. 
I forgot to take a close up photo of my dirty brushes but it evident from the picture above that the rims of the bristles is dirty. Now, look how amazing this product is. I do not suggest using towels for spot cleaning though I really love using one, because the stains are really hard to remove. 
You can buy Ellana Brush Cleaner here which only costs 400 pesos.
What do you think about my affordable makeup brush cleaners?Still thinking of buying that expensive brush shampoo or cleaner, better think twice. Spare your moolah for more important things.. :)


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  1. I am currently using Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner, and I love it. With only 2-3 drops, it cleans the brush in a snap. Once I finished this bottle, will try that Safeguard soap na. Hehe. :)

  2. I use baby shampoo. LOL! Or sometimes I use my facial wash. I suck at this. :( I haven't had the time to buy products solely for cleaning up my makeup tools. Soon, I guess. Surprised about that Safeguard soap, though. Didn't know I could use that! I always thought it could cause my skin to act up because it seems too harsh to use for the face.

  3. Oooh! Would love to try that out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. i used to use joy antibac din... now, i use any dishwashing soap we're currently using... i just spray on alcohol as they are drying... i have the J&C super clean solutions i got from sample room to spot clean my brushes... i haven't tried using hard soaps to clean my brush... might try it out in the future... especially for foundation brushes...

  5. I'm using Ivory dishwashing soap diluted with water, 1:3. I put some olive oil as well and it does fine. It's a skin-friendly variant but I'm not conscious naman because my skin isn't so sensitive :) I'll try bar soap, too. Seems like less work!

  6. Yes, im using ivory soap to clean my kabuki and goundation brush. Next time ill try dove soap naman para mas creamy sya at dudulas lang ang mga residue sa brush.

  7. So interesting way of brush cleaning! I don't use my make up brushes just because I don't know how to clean them. Thanks a lot for sharing! Regards!Camden Town Carpet Cleaners Ltd.


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