Random Monday: My New Pro Makeup Traincase

 I plan on getting a decent train case ever since I started using my bag (which is apparently for case folders) as my go to makeup kit. I wanted something light because my former makeup traincase is too heavy in itself, thus whenever I fill it up with makeup it felt like I am carrying (6-10 kilos rice this is mere estimation I can't think of any to compare with hahaha Also, I sound too exaggerated :) ). Getting the usual black metal traincase is definitely not on my list due to its weight and the trolley ones are also out of my list because I have plans on getting a lighted makeup traincase with stand. Can you imagine carrying two traincases? I would looked like a tourist if ever that happens.

From my seemingly endless requirements, I knew my ideal go to traincase would definitely be the so called soft makeup cases. I wanted to visit divisoria or quiapo because they offer cheap traincases but residing on the other end of the map, made it hard for me to visit those places. I found one in the most unexpected store where I never dare ask the price of a traincase. I bought this traincase at beauty bar. Would you believe it only costs 2350 pesos only?
 It has this removable compartment tray made of wood. This traincase is very roomy and lightweight. I used this on my previous gig and BF accompanied me to the location and it contains a pouch compartment where I place my brushes and other stuff like cotton buds and tissues.
The best thing about it? The sling!! :)
Here is a picture on how it looks like and how big the case is.
Would you love to see the makeup I bring for my makeup gig?

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  1. "6-10 kilos rice" talaga? hehe... they're too heavy nga... my sis gave me a Caboodle... it really is very heavy... it just sits under my dresser now... i put my extra or backup stuff there... i used to store my makeup in that Caboodle, kaya lang it takes up space and it's a hassle for me to open it up everyday... and di na kasya mga makeup ko dun... hahaha... whenever i have sleepovers with my friends, i used to bring my Caboodle with me.. tapos playtime... :D kaya lang it's really too heavy... but i won't be buying another traincase kasi hobby ko lang na man to... naaaliw lang ako... haha... :D ganda nga ng nabili mo... looks really lightweight... :D pro na pro na talaga... good luck!

  2. Yes! I'd love to see your makeup collection! Hehe.. I always wonder what does a blogger's makeup collection plus storage looks like. Hihi

  3. Hi! What branch of beauty bar did you buy this?

  4. WOW! Was this on sale or regular price? I want a new home for my makeup kahit di ako makeup artist! :D

  5. Natuwa naman ako bgla, I remember myself buying this make up case from robinsons department store and it only cost me around 150-250 ata. Ireally cant remember, they were having a sale that time I guess and the stocks are limited. Though wala pa ako ni isang liquid foundation binili ko na. I never thought that I can use it as "anlakas-makapagfeeling-pro-MUA" haha now I am dreaming of becoming one tuloy because of your post. Haha.. My case look similar to yours pero nylon cloth ata to, hindi sya croc skin. And it doesnt have removable compartments thats why its mura. Hehe

  6. Hi...what is the name of the store and where please...i am so tired of carrying my heavy traincase


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