Review: Ellana Blush Duo in Obsession and Fulfillment

Ever since Ellana Minerals made a comeback in th beauty market, I can’t help but rave about this brand. All of the products are a hits on my list from their trusty brush cleaner to 
their much coveted Intensive Blend Mineral Foundation! One of the products from their 
brand that definitely need a spotlight is their Duo Pressed Powder Blush. At first, I was 
hesitant if the colors would show on my cheeks. They look light on the pan. Just by 
looking at it, you can readily discern that the pink blush may look unnatural on my skin tone.  I got this blush because of the peach blush (Fulfillment). 
It is gorgeous peach shade with gold sheen. 

Packaging wise, I am not a fan of the white paper packaging. My blush duo looked dirtier now. The pigments readily stick on the paper packaging and stains forever, Well, at least for me, I can not remove the makeup/pigment that got stuck on the paper packaging. To those who own Ellana,  do you have the same dilemma?

I must commend that the packaging is very lightweightthis why I love carrying it inside

my purse. Also, it is quite sturdy as I have dropped the blush once & luckily, it did not budge. (I am crossing my fingers that it will not get pulverized if ever I drop it again).

This blush beats my MAC in terms of staying power, handsdown. I do believe that this has a staining power.
 [Oh..Please do note that I have normal to dry skin.] The blush tend to get a bit powdery/chalky once I swirl my brush on the pan.  This blush goes on velvety and 
smooth on my cheeks. It readily blends on my skin naturally. This blush tends to look 
more natural throughout the day. It can withstand the cold aircon and the humidity and 
heat of Manila all together. It stays put on my cheeks for almost 5 hours w/out retouching. 

The Good:

1. It is a two in one blush and you pay a reasonable amount for the price of one. 
I love the fact that one is pink and the other peach. I can honestly love with 
this blush duo because I can create three shades by mixing Obsession and Fulfillment. 

2. Staying power is superb! It does create that staining effect look that makes it 
look natural when worn.

3. This blends very well on my cheeks.

4. It does not look patchy nore streaky when applied because it blends beautifully on 
the skin.

5. Affordable. It only costs 450 pesos and you get two shades of blush.

6. Locally available. You cna buy this online and at different Ellana stalls (Megamall Cinderalla, The Ramp Trinoma and Glorietta)

The Bad:
1. The blush can be a bit powdery and messy to work with. Need not worry much 
on this because the blush adheres quickly on the cheeks once applied.

2. The white paper packaging easily attracts dirt and stains quickly.
Obsession is a light barbie pink on the pan but goes on rosy pink on me. It shows up beautifully on my skin and delivers a spring kind of flush on my cheeks.

Fulfillment is a gorgeous peach shade with golden sheen. Reminds me of Nars Orgasm but the sheen is less noticeable. After 5 hrs of wear, the blush turns into matte and looked great on my yellow skin tone. This color look so good when paired with red lipstick. I swear!
Fulfillment on my cheeks.

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  1. I encountered the same issue with the white packaging. In my case I have the eyeshadow quads, and both of them are quite dirty now with brown stains from the shadows. Otherwise I thought the packaging was pretty chic, and thankfully none of the stains went to the cover.

  2. love your look here. lakas makabagets. :) fulfillment is one of my favorite blushes from ellana. :)

  3. this is sooo going on my to-buy list! love the shades in this blush plus, it's reasonably priced compared to other mid range brands. ^_^

  4. The blush is so pretty. Love the shades for they match my skin tone too. You are right, the white packaging really attracts dirt and stain, base on my experience too.


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