Changing Careers: From A Lawyer to A Pro Makeup Artist Plus My Bride for The Day

 I got an interesting question today. I was asked by an anonymous reader:

Hi!I was wondering if you could post about changing careers into a make-up artist? Are you still a lawyer? And all that?

Nagising ako sa tanong mo girl/boy! hehe I never actually changed careers. It's just that I pursued my passion and make it legit once and for all. Like attaining that atty. before my name. I really wanted that three letter word "PRO" before I get serious on my mua sideline. To answer your question, I am a lawyer and also a professional makeup artist. Kaloka? I know!! But I both love my profession and sideline. hehe I do not usually talk about my work here in my blog since I wanted that part of my life - well.. uhmm.. private for professional and ethical reasons. I know all of you are curious on what field of law I am practicing. Believe it or not, I am a litigator. It refers to a lawyer who appear in courts and handles either or both criminal or civil cases. Yes.. Imagine me firmly uttering these words "objection your Honor!" with pink lips!! #chos My profession and beauty blogging is seriously a world of difference  so I try so much not to mingle both worlds together. For a change, here is a picture of me after my hearing in my Baguio. The perks of my work right now are - I get to travel a lot and I am learning to be more independent. 
As for being a professional makeup artist, I do it on weekends or whenever my schedule permits. Curacha ang itawag niyo sa akin! haha Literal na walang pahinga at times but I truly love what I am doing. Fiance even told me that whenever I do makeup for somebody else I look so happy talaga notwithstanding the fact that I get so tired standing for hourssss just to make sure that they are  satisfied with my work. Nuff of this.. Let me share with you today's bride. 

Meet CJ, my bride for today! CJ has very gorgeous skin. Her skin look poreless (I kid you not) and since I am suffering from rashes right now. I could literally scream at her "INGGIT AKO!!" :P  Cj has hooded eyes so I made sure I applied a thick black line on her upper lid to open up her eyes and added falsies. Actually her lashes are longer than the false eyelashes I placed on her. For her eyes, I used Inglot Eyeshadow in 116 and Naked Basics Palette. She told me she wanted a natural makeup look so it took me a lot of time blending her eye makeup to ensure it does not look too smokey. To make her eyes look bigger, I applied Pixi's Eye brightener on her lower water line and smudged a brown liner on her lower lashline. I used Eye of Horus Obsidian Brown. After priming her face with Benefit Porefessional Primer I applied a very very thin layer of Estee Lauder Double Wear just to slightly even out her skintone and concealer. Then, I applied airbrush makeup. I used Temptu S/B foundation mixing No. 4 and No. 5 shades.  For her lips I mixed Pixy's Autumn Apricot with Shiseido Rouge Lipstick in RD320. 

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Have a blessed day to all.

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A blog of young Filipina lawyer and Professional Makeup Artist who found interest in makeup and blogging during her law school life. Peek into her blog to get a dose of ramblings about life, beauty and everything in between.


  1. Hi ate donna!!! I missed being in the blogging world and one day while browsing your and sam's blog I got a knock on the head and was thinking of going back to writing, blogging and hopefully being able to be a pro mua, as was my old passion... And your post now certainly fueled it more, so i'd like to say thank you very much for showing me that you can always do your passions no matter what the situation. Hoping to meet you again soon and finally give you the portrait drawing of you that I did years ago ate donna!! :)

    -nicole paler :)

  2. Omg, parang superhero lang, litigator by day, MUA by night. Do you think you'd ever pursue MUArtistry as a full time career or do you at least think it's something someone can live on here in the Philippines? Alsoooo, can I ask what you used on the beautiful bride's brows? Parang perfect for black hair.

  3. i love that you are pursuing your passion... not everyone has the courage to do that... :D

  4. woooow! idol! lawyer? yan po dream ko! :) pag nakatapos ako ng accountancy, balak kong mag law rin. of course, i wanna be like you who looks like not a lawyer. sorry, but it's actually a compliment. no evident sign of being stressed! kainggit! :) so chic! :)

  5. you have so much on your plate! full-time job, sideline work, blogging, plus a wedding to plan! nahihilo ako sa pag-isip nun haha, but good job on managing all that. it's inspiring to see you pursue what makes you happy. :)

  6. I super admire you na Atty! Super time management.. career+love life+sideline=happiness! IKAW NA! :) anyhoo, I love the your bridal look! :) what did you use on her brows?

  7. The fact that you can juggle both with equal parts of passion is so impressive. More power to you. You shouldn't have to choose just one kung kaya namang pagsabayin pareho. :)

  8. Isa sa mga dream ko maging make up artist, i know I'm a working mom, imposible for now, I admire you Atty!.. karamihan sa mga nakikita at nakikilala ko na atty, formal na formal at walang kolorete not like you So Fab and Chic! :-0

  9. Wow this is so inspiring. You've got a nice blog by the way! Pls do check out my blog also and
    Let's follow each other! :)

  10. You're so inspiring Ms. Donna. I like to do other people's makeup too, pero I don't think I can do it professionally. I admire people like you who really took a step to pursue your hobby and passion. Good luck with everything btw, especially with your wedding plans! Heehee.

  11. kaloka! A very versatile lawyer blogger!! :-) pwede ba mag seek ng legal case sainyo attorney? :-)


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