Snow Skin Whitening Soap Review

I am a huge fan of skin whitening products and I have done my best to maintain using them from lotions to creams and soaps. However, the fact that my skin is prone to rash and is easily irritated due to psoriasis made it very hard for me to religiously follow a skin whitening regimen. I got this SNOW Whitening Soap a couple of month's ago. This whitening product came from the same company that brought you the SNOW Whitening GLutathione Capsules. 

This soap claim has seven plant extracts and enriched with skin lightening complex. I am too lazy to list down the ingredients so please refer to the photo below. This whitening soap is a clear soap similar to soaps made of glycerine or  like Godiva's licorice soap! This soap is fragrance free and feels so gentle on the skin. This is probably the first whitening soap that I was brave enough to use on my face. It lathers well but it does not foam too much. 
It has a non drying formula and it leaves the skin fresh and clean. No sticky or greasy feel at all. My dad loves this soap so much that he was looking for more stocks in my stash when he finished a bar! hehe  With this soap, I did not experience any itching nor irritation. I can really recommend this soap to people with sensitive skin but wants to lighten their skin. 
This soap costs 145 pesos each and will be available in Mercury Drugstore by next week. The only downside with this product, it melts quickly! I mean I left my soap inside the shower and by night time when I looking for it I was furiously asking people in my house if anyone used it. Why? I left it in the shower in almost a full bar (because it was my first time using it) and  after 10 hours only 1/4 of the product is left. I was stunned and from then on I made sure that I store in a dry place after use.

After a month of using it, I did not see any visible whitening effect yet. I believe that I should use this for more than six months to really see results. Overall, I highly recomment this soap to people with sensitive skin.

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  1. Great review! Cute packaging! Snow white feels! :)

  2. hmm.. bago sa pangin ko. snoww.. kaso hindi po nakakawhiten? :(

  3. Oh it's nice.. I might try this to even out my arms' color, but I'm afraid I might not store it in a dry place.. :(

  4. I always saw this soap on everyone's blog and I'm intrigued by it. I also love whitening products that's why I want to try it too. Glad it will be available next week. :)


  5. Pansin ko rin yan sa pharmacy. What really caught my eye was the cute packAging. :p

  6. I don't think you've mentioned it before but does it melt quickly? I'm still in love with Dove but it just gets used up so quickly.

  7. Nice review! I just want to share my personal review about L-GlutaPOWER soap that I've been using and it really works for me! :) I'm using Royale products lately, and decided to make a blog about it, but I don't sell them btw, but I mentioned the dealer of these beauty products in my blog. :) You may check out this link for my L-GlutaPOWER soap review: :) Thanks! Ann <3

  8. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

    Do you want a brighter skin ? vist for more info.

  9. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

    Do you want a brighter skin ? vist for more info.

  10. i'm really curious how this soap works, Kaso madaling matunaw?awts!medyo pricey pa naman for a bar soap hihi .Currently using Mestiza,Natry nyo na po yun?

  11. tip lang for the snow users. Cut this to 4 pcs. para hindi ung buong soap ang matutunaw :)


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