In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour Review plus Swatches

I have been raving about the In2it Eyebrow Kit for quite sometime now and I just noticed that I do not have a proper review on it yet. Kaya pala!! I have always planned on doing a review on this wonderful product because I always forget to take a picture of it. This is my actually my third pan but this particular baby in the picture is my second pan for this year. Just like my powder foundation, this brow powder is one of my everyday essentials and absolutely an HG brow product for me. This brow kit plus Kpalette Lasting Brow Liner = perfection! 

This palette takes forever to finish. I just bought a new one because my old in2it brow kit hardened so bad because I love applying with a wet brush. This eyebrow kit comes in three shades which is really helpful if you are a makeup artist. I primarily use a combination of the medium and dark colors and the lighter shade is perfect for  inner part of the brows for a more natural look and for contouring. This is a great multi tasking product because I use this kit for nose contouring, as an eyeshadow, a great sealer for my eyeliner or an eyeliner for the lash line and as a brow powder. 

The shades are very pigmented. It blends very well and can be used with other types of brow products like gels, tints or pencils. This looks super nice on all types of brows whether you have bushy, sparse or no brows at all. The key is blending the product by using a nice slanted brush.  It can be applied wet or dry method. If this is used with a wet brush or applicator, the shade become more pigmented and it can create a very clean edge and sharp brow shape. When used with a dry brush alone, it gives off a very natural hint of color on the brows. 

This is very long lasting. It does not fade easily throughout the day but I do retouch once or twice (well,, mahilig lang talaga akong magretouch kahit hindi pa kelangan). Someone asked me if this waterproof and if it can be used in the beach and won't wear off when I swim.. I have not actually tried that. My experience with this product is that it does not immediately wear off. 
The lighter shade is a light warm brown. The medium shade is a true brown. The darkest is a brownish black shade and can be used as an eyeliner. This brow kit comes with a small slanted hard brush but I was surprised that my brow kit did not have the brush in it. As in waley. :(
For 299 pesos, this is a great multitasking product. I love it a lot and I will keep on repurchasing it. I will highly recommend this to all of my reader especially to professional makeup artists. This is one affordable product that gets the job done very well.
Without / With In2it Brow Product

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  1. I haven't tried this, but I will when I use up my current brow powder! :D

  2. Planning to use eyebrow powders na. and I have two choices, this one and the eyebrow kit from elf. What are your thoughts about the two eyebrow kits? I know they are both good. If you woud recommend one, what would it be? :)

  3. I have seen this and I have been longing to try it out. Now I guess, its the time to.

  4. This works pretty awesome, I perspire a lot, commute via lrt and mrt, walk long walks, and it stays. ��

  5. This is my HG brow product! Been using it for 2 years now. The staying power is superb even without damping the brush. I use this alone or over brow pencil. Makes my brows look natural, plus the 3 different shades are perfect for blending, different looks and dyed hair :D

  6. This is my current eyebrow product and I love it! :)))

  7. dami raves nito, pagiipunan ko. maybe its time to switch from pencils to pwder na! hehe

  8. its one of my faves eyebrow powder <3
    but i suggest to use pencil first before powder for long lasting effect ;)

  9. This is my HG eyebrow product! It has been in my draft for a long time 'coz I really wanna test it. Now I've been using this every single day since I bought it!

    Read my post about it! :D

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