Jergens 7 Day Challenge

I accepted the Jergens 7 Day Challenge and I am I excited to share with you this mission. I was sent challenges for this mission and I was not able to put this blog post immediately because I was in Bataan for a seminar.

Take a bottle of Jergens from your welcome pack and share it with a complete stranger. Tell us why you chose that person and her reaction when she received your gift. Post a photo of her with her Jergens bottle.

The first ever mission was quite hard for me. I was not ready because I was in a 3 day seminar in Bataan and the Jergens package was left at home. When I came back to Manila, I immediately thought of bringing a bottle of this Jergens lotion in the mall. I was imagining myself courageously talking to a stranger. Then, I changed my mind. Technically, I failed this giveaway because I gave the Jergens to our kasambahay, Juliet Sumarago. Some people may treat their kasambahays as mere strangers but I see Ate Juliet as a part of my family. When I gave the Jergens lotion to her, she was really thrilled. I may have failed this challenge but I was really happy I made a Ate Juliet smiled that day.
Apply the new Jergens only on your left arm and leave the right arm bare for the meantime. Take a photo of both arms, comparing the two and tell us your observations.
I have a very dry skin and I was amazed when I used the Jergens Soothing Aloe. Unlike sticky lotions, this moisturizer feels very light and refreshing on the skin. This moisturizer gets easily absorb by my skin and hydrates it very well. This is one of the few lotions that I am very comfortable lathering on the skin. This feels perfect for both hot and cold weather.  The effect of the moisturizer may not be noticeable on my arms. So, I decided to test it on my legs. The effect on my legs are quite apparent. If you noticed my right leg looks glowing and healthier.
Water is good for your body and helps keep your skin healthy and looking young as well.

Tip of the day: "Dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled. Drinking plenty of water regularly keeps your skin refreshed and hydrated. You can also help lock moisture into your skin by using your favorite Jergens variant twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet.
One of the first few things I do every morning is drink water. I drink lots of water throughout the day and I must have skip two or three pictures with time stamp on. I usually drink 8 or more glasses of water a day. This is one my best kept beauty regimen for years. Drinking eight glasses of water a day helped in hydrating my skin .


Keeping healthy relationships go a long way to making you feel good and look good.
Take your mom or your best gal pal out for a surprise lunch or dinner tonight with this gift certificate from Cabalen.

Tip of the day: As you nurture your relationships, nourish your skin as well for a beauty that radiates inside and out. Apply your favorite Jergens variant twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet
I was given a Cabilen GC for this mission and I decided to treat fiance on this mission. I know he is really emotionally and financially exhausted with all this wedding planning. :) I also made sure we wore our Couples Shirt on this date. (God makes me unstoppable shirt)

Share your blessings, Gain a friend. Host a giveaway and make someone smile today. Choose 1 reader to receive a Jergens gift pack and give the gift of beautiful skin.


For this giveaway, the rules are simple. Comment on this blog post with your full name, email address and answer this question - what is one beauty regimen you religiously follow to have a healthier skin.

A healthy diet is needed to keep your body strong and your skin beautiful. Share with us a family recipe using ingredients that are good for the skin.
Tip of the day: Jergens Moisturizers work hand in hand with a healthy diet and exercise in keeping your skin stunningly beautiful. Apply your favorite Jergens variant twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet

Menudo is one of the most loved recipe in our home. A family recipe on this well loved PInoy dish are:

1 cup potatoes, diced

soy sauce


chopped onion

minces garlic
Tomato Sauce
Cooking Oil

salt and pepper to taste

Carrots have anti ageing properties because of beta-carotene which acts as an anti oxidant. It also has Vitamin A to keep ones skin from sun damage and this can prevent the skin from premature wrinkling and dryness.

Look for an old full body photo of yourself taken in the last 3 months. Then take a new photo in the exact same pose, this time holding the Jergens variant that you have been using in the past 7 days. Post the photo on your blog.

I do not have a before and after decent full body shot so I am showing you my fully made up look vs my haggardo look. haha On the left photo, I had a makeup gig where I made up 7 beautiful ladies! That explains my haggardo look! hehe

Have a blessed day to all!


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  1. lovely tajuna email adress
    i drink 10 glasses of water everyday, i take vitamin supplements and moisturizer

  2. Lovely Joy Merced

    Drinking lots of water really do wonders on keeping my skin looking young and soft.

  3. caryn morales

    i have always believed that drinking 8 glasses of water a day can cleanse the body and using organic or fresh products can work wonders to the skin.

  4. Christine Joy AbrogueƱa

    Lotion and moisturizer.. and happy thoughts :)

  5. Maria Christina Gumatay

    Wash my face with facial wash every morning and before going to sleep.

  6. Carol Chan
    I always wash my face at night before going to sleep and apply moisturizer since I am in my forties and lines are beginning to appear!.

  7. Anne Linuelle Maye Buenacifra
    I never forget to put on lotion on my hands and feet at least twice daily. Keeps them moisturized and leaves them feeling and looking healthy all the time.

  8. Feng Manlapaz

    A positive attitude and a happy disposition makes one nb eautiful inside and out and daily sunscreen and a good lotion makes your skin glow.

  9. Drink lots of water.

    Ma.Clarice Lao

  10. NAME: Julie Ann E. Taguibao

    MY CONSISTENT BEAUTY REGIMEN: I drink a lot of water and tea, and when I say tea, I mean natural leaves from our very own garden!

  11. applying lotion my whole body gives me confident and beautiful aura..

    Jo-Anne Gabral

  12. maricel p. villanueva

    I try to include fruits and vegetables to my diet everyday.

  13. Nerissa Marin

    Protect myself from the sun! By putting a good lotion or sunscreen when goin out.

  14. Cy Valencia

    I drink 8-10glasses of water everyday. Healthy skin can make my skin glow from within thus making me look good sans any make up.

  15. Russelle Anne Roque

    Moisturizer on the face and body to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, especially before putting any makeup so it will serve as a barrier between my skin and the makeup.

  16. Melanie Brigoli

    To have a healthier skin, I always drink lots of water and eat healthy plus a smile to start a positive attitude which I will share to everyone around me.

  17. Maricris T. Abarabar
    Take a shower/ wash my face before I go to sleep. drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, always think positive para good vibes lagi :)

  18. Vicenta C. Rada

    Wash my face twice a day. Exfoliate once a week. Moisturise my skin.Drink more water. :)

  19. Elsie Valdez

    I make sure I drink 6 glasses of water a day (oh man I cant drink 8 glasses a day, I feel so bloated). I eat vegetables and sometimes I eat meat, its okay to cheat sometimes. I put moisturizer and toner also. I used sunblock whenever I go out of my house.

  20. Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

    I always make it a point to take a shower and wash my face thorougly before going to bed, in that way, all the dirt and dust I came across during the day will be washed out,making me feeling good, feeling fresh always

  21. Kristine Domingo

    always put some lotion to moisturized your skin and don't forget to drink plenty of water to hydrate our skin water is really a big help for us to have a youthful glow :)

  22. Miah Manalang,

    I protect myself from the sun- this means that as much as possible, I use sunscreen SPF of at least 15 and wearing protective clothing such as long pants wide-brimmed hats and umbrella. Protecting your skin against the scorching heat is always a good start ;)

  23. Jackielyn Catalla

    I always find time to wash my face before I go to sleep because I'm prone to pimple.

  24. Jeddahlyn Gonzales

    When I was a teenager my Auntie taught me to scrub my dark skin spots with Calamansi. Until now I am religiously doing this beauty regimen and oh I forgot.. She will always tell me "Kumain ng gulay" pampa glow daw ng skin =)

  25. Maria Corazon Letada

    Washing my face before going to sleep. Using sunblock or lotion before going outside, Drinking a lot of water.

  26. Raquel Solis
    I drink Lots of water and eat more fruits then I sleep earlier to make my skin healthy! good luck po hope you win for the contest to your wedding i joined god bless to us! :-)

  27. Mona Liza Verdida
    The one beauty regimen I religiously follow is to drink green tea at least once a day. It has antioxidants that really keep me feeling clean inside out. I'm able to poop every day because of it so having a healthy digestive system really shows a healthy and glowing skin.

  28. Rowena Belleza

    Have a good 8 hours sleep every night. :)

  29. Marites Javier

    Drink lots of water. At least drink 7 to 8 glasses each day. Keep a water bottle handy while you step out.

  30. mary jay javier

    Power Food For Glowing Skin! Eat fresh green vegetables with loads of fruits and nuts to make your skin fair & look healthy from within. Having vegetables and fruits enriched diet will surely make the skin glow.

  31. Rona Natividad

    Be happy and enjoy life as our mind has immense effect on our body and only if it is happy we shall see our skin fair & glowing.

  32. Flor Javier

    Exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and reveal refreshed, glowing skin.

  33. irish natividad

    Use a good sunscreen with SPF to protect your skin from the sun.

  34. Jayvien Javier

    I make sure i include lots of water and other fluids in my diet. It helps in maintaining the elasticity of my skin tissues and prevents dehydration. A well hydrated skin is always healthy.

  35. azle llarena

    fruit facial! Fruits give a glow and fairness to my face that is natural. As it does not contain any artificial chemicals, it is actually good and healthy.

  36. rendel javier

    Eat well and exercise! Beauty starts from within, the better you feel, the better you will look.

  37. ina belleza

    Drink more cold-water, Eat more oily fish (salmon, mackerel and tuna), berries and green, leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli) for an extra beauty boost.

  38. Sheryl An Mungcal
    i drink lots of water.
    i sleep 8 - 10 hrs.
    eat healthy foods.
    before i go to sleep i make sure that i clean my face,.


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