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I promised myself to blog more this October. Moving to our new house makes me giddy in taking product shots. Thanks to the two huge windows in my bedroom, natural lighting is at its best! Since we moved here, arranging and rearranging things have been a continuous and tedious process. I have to buy a cabinet with 5 drawers because my makeup can't fit the plastic drawers that I bought!! Waah! Hindi pa tapos ang 2014 nagpalit na naman ako ng drawer. Aside from that, my to-blog things are piling up. #badblogger.

Enough of my chika, let's talk about the newest Revitalift V Shaper from L'oreal. When I got the box, I thought it was some kind of bronzer that help in shaping your face. I was surprised to see a serum. I think this is the answer to asian women who wants to have a Vshape face. Having a Vshape face is not only a beauty criterion for Asian women but a sign of youth. The first person I remembered with this product was Michelle Phan. Waah! That's why she had those chin fillers or she had her face reshaped into a V because of this perception in Asia. 
This V Shaper is housed in a classy Red bottle with pump. It costs 995 pesos locally. At first I thought this can only be applied on the jaw and chin area but after reading the Press kit from L'oreal, it can also be applied on the cheeks and even the entire face. I consider this as a serum and it easily gets absorbs by the skin. It also hydrates my skin and it does not feel greasy at all. So where do we place this Vshaper step in our skin care? It follows after the toner before the moisturizer, in this manner:


It best applied in an upward motion to lift your features. Apply it along the jaw line, chin, and cheeks. I also use this under my eyes because it has an anti puffiness ingredient. Does it work? Hmmm.. I actually could not see yet the difference but as I mentioned earlier, this works really well as a serum. :) It makes my skin smoother and very well hydrated. Sometime using my moisturizer alone does not help relieved me of my dry skin. This makes my skin suppler and softer too! I did not experience any breakout when I used this product. :)

From L'oreal Paris USA: Promising “sublime skin today, younger skin tomorrow”, the L’Oréal Paris institute comes up with a breakthrough technology in facial skin-shaping. Revitalift V-Shaper Essence gives Filipinas the ammunition to achieve and maintain a perfectly balanced and beautiful face without going under the knife.“L’Oréal Paris, as a global institution, is recognizing the unique approach of Asian skincare and ideal beauty, coming up with specially designed products for Asian consumers such as us Filipinos. 

Product Manager of L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise. Developed from years of research on Asian skin, L’Oréal Paris’ innovative skin-shaping technology is a powerful and instant shaping essence “infused with 3- dimensional shaping technologies to target facial skin tightening, jaw line lifting, and re-plumped cheekbones area”.

The new Revalift V-Shaper by L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise boasts of the renowned Pro-Tensium and Anti-Puffiness technologies, creating a powerful combination that defies gravity and reshapes face volumes for ultra-defined facial features. Pro-Tensium provides surface tensing action with its three agents that ultimately tighten the skin surface for a more fit-look on the face. Pro-Tensium is coupled with Revitalift V-Shaper’s Anti- Puffiness system formulated with caffeine, a famous agent that boosts skin’s micro-circulation, and Escin, a natural agent known for eliminating the puffiness in the skin. Discover the wonders this new skincare innovation can work on your skin with our first instant shaping essence that helps achieve and maintain a youthful V-shaped face. Revitalift V-Shaper by L’Oréal Paris

What do you think of this innovative product? 


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  1. OMG new to try on... It's finally here in the Philippines, glad to know that.

  2. wow,this is one of the product,i wanna try!

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