Take a Peek at the Biggest Revlon Beauty Counter

Hello again!I am making use of all the time available to blog because my to-blog list is getting longer and longer! :) Thankfully my S5 is cooperating with me, hence, i can blog anywhere provided my internet connection is good.  Last week, I was invited by Revlon to check out their counter at the newly opened SM Beauty Section in SM Makati. This is their biggest counter ever and imho, it is very consumer friendly. :)
I love how the products of Revlon are arranged by category like their is a gondola/stand for tools, nails, base makeup etc. I also love how this counter has a lot of  makeup testers available. Don't you hate makeup counters that hide their testers? Yung tipong parang ayaw nilang magbenta!! I also disliked SAs who tests the products on consumers unless the consumer asks for the SAs help I think they should let the consumers try the products on their own. I think beauty enthusiasts love feeling the product themselves not just looking at the swatches these SAs show them. Diba? There's a time I even told an SA, "Ate ako na." hahaha Taray!
Look at these Revlon Tools. My current favorite tweezer is from Revlon. :)Has anyone tried their lash curler? I am intrigued if it is good.

Let me give you a quick virtual tour of the Revlon Counter in SM Makati.

Revlon was kind enough to give bloggers these treats. :)
Have you visited the Revlon Counter at SM Makati?
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  1. Yay! This was a really big counter! *brand new testers* I hope to visit this one soon if I can make it to SM Makati :D

  2. I passed by SM Makati, as in literally passed lang kasi I was avoiding the mrt rush hour pero ang ganda nga.

    I used to use tweezers from Revlon rin until I ruined them woops.

    Love the "ate ako na" hahaha, I think may one time I just took the product from an SA's hand and swatched it on mine.

    1. mas masaya talaga personally magswatch kesa yung SA yung magswatch ng product sa atin. :)

  3. Hi Donnarence! You know I have so much to ask from you kaya lang this is not the proper medium to do it. I will find time to shoot you an e-mail as soon as possible. :) Anyhoo, I find your blog very interesting and trust-worthy. One short question, though. Are these pictures taken from your S5 too? I am planning to buy one kasi which I can use for blogging without getting through the hassles of plugging and/or opening my laptop. Thank you! More power! :)

    1. Hi!! Thank you s much for reading my blog. gora email me lang..:) these photos are taken with Sony HX30v , the last is with Nikon d5100 with 50mm lens... :)


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