New Year New Hair with Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring

Hello everyone! I want to share with you my new hair color. Well, I was not even planning to color my hair until December (as in wala akong balak). I thought that sincr I cut my hair short eh di itodo ko na ang look ko. So, I try the Etude House Bubble Hair Color in Dark Brown.  I have always been intrigued with bubble hair colors/dyes. So before work started last last week, I did my own hair color. Yep. Sariling sikap ang peg ko.

This Bubble Hair Color is ammonia free and promises to evenly color hair with its non-drip conditioning formula. The kit contains: 1 bottle of oxidizing developer, Silky perfumed treatment, instructions in Korean, gloves, and a plastic gown. I poured the hair coloring on the developer and slowly gave it a shake. I read in some blogs that after mixing, it has to be used immediately.
I did not do any skin or patch test before using the product because I forgot to do so. Good thing, this hair color did not irritate my skin nor my scalp. I put on the plastic gown and gloves. Upon dispensing the product, a violet black foam came out. It is very east to apply. I started applying at the back portion of my hair. I did the top portion last. I left for 30 minutes and used the silky perfumed treatment in rinsing. Since my hair is thick, the small packet of treatment was not enough so I added Pantene Conditioner.

Here is my before and after shot:
Please do not mind my ouftits. hehe I love using dusters at home. :) 
I am very pleased with how the color turned out. My hair is really black as you see in the photo and I was afraid that dark brown will not show up on me but it gave my hair the much needed warmth and it lightened my hair into a natural brown shade. 
My hair looks lighter under natural light.

Ito na ang feel na feel kong photo of me with my new hair color. Sayang nakaduster ako pang profile pic na sana ito. :)

Overall, I really like the Etude House Bubble Hair Color. I love the fact that it is very affordable. I think it costs around 380-400 pesos. It is very easy to apply and it did not irritate my scalp. It did not make my hair course or rough probably because of the conditioner I used for rinsing. I really love it does not have that chemical scent at all. It actually has a slight perfume scent to it.This is perfect for retouching or overall coloring. Also, my hair color looks even and does not look patchy or blotchy. I really give this product a thumbs up for being very effective. 

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  1. I love using hair color that is ammonia free because I have a sensitive scalp. Etude House Bubble Hair Color is really good for me.


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