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February na!!!! Gusto ko  na maheart attack ang bilis ng panahon!! My gulay! I can't believe it. January just flew by and I still have a holiday appetite. 10 months to go before my wedding. Whenever I imagine it, I get butterflies in my stomach! Okay, enough of my wedding stories. This January, I tried rummaging through my makeup drawers to use makeup I bought in 2014. I have a lot that has been sitting in my drawers for quite sometime now. Most of my makeup have been used once or worse, only tested. Here are my favorites last January:
 NYC SMOOTH SKIN BRONZING FACE POWDER IN SUNNY: I have been using this bronzer to warm up my face. It gives my skin a natural warmth. It goes on smooth when applied and I find the color pay off very nice for a drugstore product. Full review of this product is found here: http://www.mylucidintervals.com/2015/01/nyc-smooth-skin-bronzing-face-powder-in.html

ETUDE HOUSE OH! M'EYE LASH BASE: For someone with short and sparse lashes, this baby right here is heaven sent. Applying mascara base has been an essential in my everyday makeup ritual since the day I got this product. This works with all kinds of mascaras and it is perfect for prepping up the lashes. It lengthens and gives my lashes the much needed boost of volume. The best thing about it is its price! I got it for less than 200 pesos. Full review on this product can be found here: http://www.mylucidintervals.com/2015/01/etude-house-oh-meye-lash-base-review.html

MAYBELLINE INSTANT AGE REWIND TREATMENT CONCEALER in NEUTRALIZER: I bought this because of Youtube. Yes, I am one of those ladies who is a youtube fanatic that I buy whatever my favorite Youtuber is raving about. This particular concealer has been receiving a lot of raves. I got myself a tube and I seriously disliked it on my first use. It went on too light on me as if I am part of Twilight's cast (ganon siya kaputi). The shade I got is Neutralizer which is meant to neutralize dark circles. It is a very light concealer with yellow undertones.  I immediately tossed it in my drawer and decided not to use it until I recently rediscovered it.This was during that time when I lost my favorite The Saem Concealer from Korea. I tried it over a powdered face and it worked perfectly well. To tone down the lightness of this concealer, I set it with a darker shade of foundation and my under eyes looked highlighted (not a reverse panda anymore). From then on, I have been using on my under eyes. This is the only concealer that I apply with a different technique. Most of my concealers are applied before I set it with powder. With this concealer, I lightly set my under eyes (bare without any other makeup except primer or moisturizer) with a loose powder. After setting it wit loose powder, I apply this concealer which blends out smoothly even on powdered areas then I set it with a darker shade of powder foundation. With this technique, I noticed that my concealer does not crease for almost half day and stays on longer than usual. 
The sponge tip applicator is not sanitary at all but it feels so soft and it makes application easier. Afterwards, I make sure I blend out the product immediately because this concealer sets pretty fast.
This is how light the concealer looks on my skin. When blended, it gives off a natural powder finish.
ONL DEAR STYLE WICKED SILKY TINT LIPSTICK in No. 04: If ever you have the chance to go to South Korea, make sure to drop by at Ehwa University and visit ONL. This shop was buy 1 take 1 when I visited it last November and I really regret not purchasing more products from this shop. For the past year (yes buong 2014),  I have been veering away from Pink. Call it aging or whatsoever, I really feel that pink lipsticks look weird on me. I have been loving some shades but those are mauvey in tone. This lipstick is my fave pink lipstick as of the moment. It is matte, pigmented, has a velvety texture and smells good. The color is a medium pink that suits my yellow skintone very well.

PALGANTONG THEATRICAL POWDER: One of the products I got in my South Korea trip is this Palgantong Powder. Some beauty bloggers love this powder and I am intrigued how it differs with other loose powders in the market. I got the shade Original Beige. I got this for 350 pesos. I love how this powder blends very well on my dry skin. It is not too matte and it does not make my skin look dry or patchy. I love how it sets my undereye and foundation very well without altering their color. It may appear too light on my skin but the color adapts to my skintone and it has a natural brightening effect on my skin. It feels so silky when applied. I love this than the Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana which I really find to be drying. The Ben Nye Luxury Powder works well on my clients but not for me. The only thing I disliked about this powder is that it is very messy to work with.

L'OREAL BUTTERFLY INTENZA MASCARA: A gift from my bestfriend when she came home last December. I was surprised that its butterfly wing shaped brush makes mascara application easier. This volumizes my lashes and gives it a fluttery flirty look, it does not make my lashes crispy, thus, leaving a room for re- curling,has a very intense black shade and it is easy to remove.
PANTENE 3 MINUTE MIRACLE CONDITIONER: I am not fond of conditioners because some makes my scalp itch or there are those that weigh down my tresses. This conditioner is truly a miracle product because it intensively moisturizer my hair without the heavy feel. It smells so good too. My only advice is that do not use it daily  like jus use it alternately or every after two days or so. Full review is posted here: http://www.mylucidintervals.com/2015/01/pantene-pro-v-3-minute-miracle.html
OLAY BODY WASH: This newest release from Olay is really good. They smell so good and they are very moisturizing on my very dry skin. I have been using this since the day I got it and I think this will make me a convert from Soap User to Body Wash User!! :)

KRACIE AROMA RESORT BODY MILK: I do not like lotions but my skin is acting up due to the very cold weather. My legs have been super dry and my psoriasis flared up. This body milk is definitely one of my favorite lotions to date. It smells very nice and does not leave a greasy texture on the skin after application.

PHYSIOGEL LOTION: This lotion healed my legs from psoriasis breakout. It has kept the dry patchy areas on my legs smoothened out and did a good job of toning down my psoriasis flare up. This is highly recommended for those with dry flaky skin like me. 

What is your ultimate favorite beauty product last January? 


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  1. Hi! My favorites for January are Physiogel Cleanser and Bio-Oil. Physiogel cleanser really cleanses and leaves your face so soft. I use Bio-Oil for my stretch marks and to cleanse my face. It really takes away make up and dirt. It also evens out your skin tone.

  2. I have heard lots of positive ravings about the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. I was wondering where you got yours? :)
    Love your blog btw! <3

  3. True! How do we make time slower, or at least get that feeling that time is not so fast. :|

    Anyway, 10 months, congratulations again :)

  4. nice post ms. donna! i want to try the olay body wash, it looks so promising!


  5. Great list. Thanks for the tip regarding the neutralizer variant :)

    From Manila with Love : Beauty and Lifestyle

  6. Hello can you tell me where I can get eos lip balm without online shopping?


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