Review: Tony Moly Ferment Snail Suncream

Two Sunblock posts in one day, Why not diba? When I got this product, I told myself that this has got to be the most expensive looking sunblock I ever saw. This is the Ferment Snail Sun Cream. This product promises whitening, anti wrinkle and sun protection. This sunblock/suncream contains SPF 47 PA +++ and is house in this pump tub packaging. It look so sleek and posh. 
The pump got me the moment I saw this product. I have never used a sunblock with a pump dispenser (I think) The pump is very useful as it controls the amount of product being dispensed. Out of all the sunblocks I have tried, this has got to be my number most favorite, my number 1 everyday sunblock. Yes. This deserves to be on the top because I just love everything about this product. From the packaging to the cream itself. Everything is just divine. 
The cream is a usual sunblock cream once dispensed but it is very lightweight. More lightweight than my Belo and Shiseido. It is IMMEDIATELY absorbed by my dry skin. After application, it feels like I applied nothing on the skin because it is not sticky nor greasy. Everytime I apply this on my skin, I can feel that very instant nourishment and hydration. You can refer to the photo below that there is no shine and it does even not leave any white film or cast after spreading the product at the back of my hand.  It goes on smoothly and creamy when applied. I also love its subtle scent. The scent is very energizing, relaxing, refreshing like a crossover citrus and lush greens (pero I maybe wrong, nagmamaganda lang ako magdescribe ng scent hehe). For the record, I never liked scented skin care products because I have allergic rhinitis but this one is truly an exception. This feels so gentle on the skin and it did not irritate my skin at all. I can use this even on days when I have rashes. 

The price is also a bit steep for Php 1,398 but the price is really worth it because you get a good amount of SPF and the cream itself feels so good on the skin. 
Over all, I really think that this is very good everyday suncream and definitely my favorite everyday sunblock. favorite I do not advise this for usage on beach trips or outings. 

What is your favorite sun cream as of the moment?

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  1. This I got to try. It seems like a good one to try out. I like its qualities and I like that its sleek and handy. I will surely check on this....

  2. Great review! Since it's summer right now, I may or may not be obsessed with sunscreens at the moment. :)) If it's not too much trouble for you, can you kindly post a photo of the ingredients? I'd like to run it through to check for potential irritants and acne triggers. Thank you very much, Donnarence! Happy weekend to you! :D

  3. Mukhang mapapaipon ako to buy this one. I tried this for myself on Tony Moly Branch in SM, urgh kainlove. Hihihihii

  4. I agree with every single thought on this review! I have this and other Tony Moly products and their packaging is always so divine!

  5. This is great! Do you also recommend this for daily sun protection?

  6. thanks! i've been looking for a lightweight sunscreen

  7. yay,a little bit pricey but hope my husband can me this.hahaha.i want one to try!

  8. thanks for the tips. I like the packaging is great. Tony Moly's product is really effective

  9. love the color,its so expensive for a sunscreen, but i love to try this!

  10. I liked very much , before using this line i tried many others ,Tony moly is best. After this cream my skin so soft and whitened


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