The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Design My Brows Review

 The Face Shop recently had a buy 1 take 1 sale on its brow products. I have seen few of my fellow beauty bloggers posting IG photos/status that they need to hoard brow products from TFS. Of course, ito na naman ako sa ultimate question, "Aba Aba! At Bakit kelangan ihoard yan?" So, I decided to go to TFS and buy a brow product. I got myself the style my brow in gray brown for only 150 pesos. When I got home, I realized Gray Brown looked too dark for me. So, I asked my good friend to buy No. 2 for me or the Dark Brown shade for the Style My Brow but when she got to the store, the shade was out of stock. She then told me that she uses the Design My Brow and she loves it. I asked her to buy this instead kahit na namamahalan ako. Yes, I find it pricey because I have been using Ever Bilena brow products which only cost 60-100 pesos. hehe  The regular price of this product is 225 pesos (correct me if I am wrong, ha?) and I just thought, "Sige na nga Buy 1 Take 1" naman. Looking back, how I wish I hoarded this pencil!!! 

This is a retractable brow pencil with a very useful spoolie at the other end. It comes in a triangular pencil shape which makes brow filling and drawing easier. The shade No. 2 looks very natural on me. It blends beautifully with my natural brow color. The pencil is not too soft nor waxy. Thus, there is no product build up even if I tend to overfill my brows. I find this product pigmented enough to create strong brows and to lightly fill in the sparse areas.  To create a more natural brow look, I just brush the excess product with the spoolie that comes with the pencil. This can last 3-4 hours on me without retouch but after the 4th or 5th hour, I noticed that the sharpness of the outline begins to fade and starts to blur but the brow filling remains very much intact. I do not use any brow powder to set this pencil because it is a very nice product on its own.

 This glides smoothly on my brows and does not tug my skin during application. I use this everyday and it does not cake at all. No. 2 or Dark Brown is a medium true brown shade that suits my dark brown hair. 
Here is photo of how the pencil transformed my brows. Pardon the not so sharp tail on the last picture. That area has psoriasis hence, the uneven brow tail shape. 

Will I buy again? Definitely!!!! I have been using this for almost two months now and I just LOVE IT!!! After months of using it, I find that 225 pesos is such a bargain because this brow pencil already has a built in spoolie, the triangular brow pencil makes application easier and there is no need for sharpening anymore. Also, you can definitely find a color that can match your hair because there are five shades that are available locally.  

I highly recommend this brow pencil to all my readers. The only downside that I could think of is that there are shades that are always out of stock. 


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  1. Great review!
    I'm a sucker for eyebrow products (specifically, pencils because I need shaping, not just filling in or darkening). I will probably try this product after I finish the ones I'm currently using.
    I would like to recommend two of my favourites. Bobbie Cosmetics Retractable Eyebrow Pencil (Bobbie Cosmetics as in the same company that makes the Bobbie nail polish.) It's very similar to this TFS one because of the triangular shape of the product and the spoolie at the end. I use the shade gray brown. It's really good for only Php.119. I also love LA Girl Endless Auto Eyeliner. It's an eyeliner; but, I find that it's too stiff for the eye area. It's great as an eyebrow pencil, though. It's very pigmented and long lasting! (I use it when I go swimming and when I work out). It retails for Php.299.

    1. Thanks for your reco. I will definitely look into that bobbie brow pencil. That la girl auto liner seem a bit pricey.. btw, I also saw some youtube gurus using the la girl gel liner in brown for their brows :)

  2. Yup nakita ko to in person and super bagay mo!!!!

  3. Thanks sis!!! Dahil sinabi mo yan Favorite ko na siya lalo hehe :)

  4. Well, well, well, this is really something worth checking out. I will surely check on this.

  5. Amen. Laging out of stock yung grey!

  6. love it. sana meron din kasi sa province. haha laging ever bilena at nichido lng ako.

  7. I bought mine sa nakasale din sya di nga lang buy1 take1. Sayang! :D i like it kasi super dali nya tanggalin unlike sa ibang products need mo pa kuskusin haha

  8. Do you find it too creamy or pigmented? I used to buy this, yung old packaging pa, but I stopped once I realized it's too much. I don't know if they've reformulated.

  9. I used to buy this a lot before my Maybelline Brow Duo.. it was great but the maybelline one is like a dream! x

  10. thank you for the great review, product looks promising.


  11. user ako nung tag 150 nila tas nung nag buy 1 take 1 sila sold out ung tag 150 so no choice ako ung tag 225 ung binili ko hahaha namamahalan din ako pero keri lng ngaun love na love ko xa ahahha

  12. I have thick, unruly brows and what I normally use was a regular pencil as well. Lately though, kaka-basa ng mga blogs, I got curious with brow mascara so I bought one. That's what I've been using for three months now and since medyo paubos na sya, I need to get myself a new brow product. I'll definitely check TFS!

  13. I have thick brows and lately lang ako nahilig sa cosmetics and ngayon ko lang nakita tong brow mascara. I'll try this one! Thanks for the review!

  14. Nag bago ba sila ng packaging? Designing my eyebrow na kasi name :( binili ko sa TFS kala ko fake kasi nawalanung mustache:(

  15. Nagbago ba sila ng packaging? Bumili ako recently and DESIGNING MY EYEBROW name and nawala ung mustache design :( sa tfs ko binili kala ko fake


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