Makeup Playtime with Bohktok Lashes

I received a gift from Bohktok Lashes and Nippon Ph a week ago. I have been seeing this brand, Bohktok from known pro makeup artists such as Jigs Mayuga and Denise Ochoa. This is also the same brand of lashes Toni Gonzaga wore on her wedding day. I was so excited to receive a box from Bohktok. I was expecting a box of fluttery black lashes but I was surprised to see these! Yes, brown lashes. I knew famous makeup artists who use brown falsies instead of black ones but I was very apprehensive about these lashes until I tried them. The band of this lashes is very thin. I suggest using a tweezer in applying this falsies for a more natural effect. This blends very well with my natural lashes after curling them together followed by mascara. This feels lightweight and comfortable to wear (at least for me, for those who are not used to wearing falsies this may look intimidating but trust me they feel comfortable). Also, these lashes do not droop down because they are in a curled form. Just make sure to cut the extra band on both ends to prevent pricking the lids. The length these lashes are great. I need not trim the lashes at all. The only thing I did was to cut the extra band on both ends. The length is perfect for my eyes. :)

This is the P-065. I really thought that the brown shade would make me look weird but it definitely look natural than I expected. On the photos, these lashes are phenomenal. The brown shade added depth to my crease. You may refer to my IG photos and blog photos of me wearing these lashes for further proof. 
One box of 10 pairs costs 350 pesos. It is 35 pesos per pair. Not bad!! This is actually very affordable compared to other brands in the market. I would definitely choose these lashes over high end ones. The best thing about these lashes? They have tons of variety to choose from. Click the link to see more of their lash styles:

On top of my list is P-076, P-048and P-060. I do plan on using Bohktok Falsies on my wedding day!! :)
What do you think?
Puro makeup plus Filter and falsies
Have you tried Bohktok Lashes? What style would you recommend?

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  1. Definitely! it looks like it is your natural lashes,so beautiful!

  2. I love those lashes on you sis! AHAHAHA nahihiya lang ako icomment sa facebook mo pero ang super blooming mo~~~~~~

  3. Pretty and very natural looking. Love it!

  4. Soft, fluffy and tantalizing tlga :)

  5. Pang DP ang 2nd photo gandaaaaa =)

  6. I have not tried Bohktok lashes but I do love 3S Preglued Lashes and Red Cherry Lashes. Those brown falsies would surely look good on your big day (^-^)

  7. Your Lashes looks so natural :) I love it

  8. Hi...i love the lipstick your wearing. thats what i first noticed! may i know what is it? Thanks!


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