The New L'oreal True Match Foundation Review

Last last week, L'oreal invited me to the True Match Event. They launched the new and reformulated L'oreal True Match foundation and a whole lot of new products. The makeup addict in me got so kilig with this event. L'oreal's latest makeup products are really good. Yes, I have tried 'em all and I can't wait to share thoughts about their product with all of you. During the event, we went to different stations and for each stop we learned a lot about their newest products. I truly enjoyed True Match station inside the Black Fleet Limousine where we had the chance to choose our shades of the L'oreal True Match Foundation.

Here are the newest products of L'oreal:

Brow Artist Genius Kit - Php 400 
-is the ultimate all in one brow kit. The kit contains a styling wax, a tinted powder, an angled brush, 
a spooled brush and a unique set of tweezers. The pigmented wax holds for 12 hours 
and the natural shaded powder allows for buildable colour.

Brow Artist Designer Pro - Php 500
a 3-in-1 pencil that allows you to shape, shade and style your brows with ease. It features 3 products in one slim tube: a crayon pencil, a brow powder and a brow brush.Experience the art of brows in 3 easy steps: Shape the brows by lining in the arch with a crayon tip, shade by filling with the powder, and style into place with the brow brush. 

True Match Blur Cream - Php 400
Say Hello to Flawless skin in seconds, with the New True Match Blur Cream. This is a lightweight, non-greasy skin primer that has concentrated light reflectors that instantly blurs away pores and fine lines for smoother, more even-looking skin - the perfect base for the foundation. 

True Match Crayon Concealer - Php 500
Conceal them all! This easy to use concealer offers customizable coverage from the tiniest of blemishes to larger areas of imperfections. The tip of the crayon allow for precise application, while the side of the crayon can easily conceal a larger area of the skin. The innovative formula provides full coverage that blends easily and won't look cakey. Choose from 6 natural shades in that match a range of skin tones and undertones. 

Look at the prices of these products!! Ang bongga diba? They are really affordabl and with that I am super excited to share my thoughts on them with all of you. Let me start with the Star of the True Match Event - The L'oreal True Match Foundation. 
The New True Match contains 5 unique micro-pigments that specifically match Asian skin tones and undertones. Also, its micro-fine pigments hide imperfections with medium, buildable coverage, while protecting against harmful UVA and UVB rays with SPF 16/PA++.

Way back in 2014, the old True Match is my ultimate favorite. It was one of the best drugstore foundations I have ever tried. I have high hopes on this new and improved formulation of the L'oreal True Match. The new True Match is now housed in a sleeker silver bottle and the price point is really affordable. This costs 600 pesos only. Kabog!!! 
I am very pleased with how I can control the amount of foundation the pump dispenses depending on the pressure I apply on it. The glass bottle is very classy and it is not heavy at all. 
The first thing I noticed on this foundation are the light reflecting reflecting particles in the bottle. I was like -- Teka? May shimmers ang True Match? I was utterly surprise when I saw the shimmers in the bottle. Eh kasi naman, the old formula was very very good (as in great pa!) and if in case you don't know -- I am not a fan of shimmers at all!! Shimmers tend to highlight the dry patches on my face.  However, when swatched, the shimmers are hardly noticeable unless you stare at it closely for a few seconds. Also, the shimmers does not turn my face into a disco ball. It does gives my face a very slight brightening effect. 

I was matched as N3. Nalurki ako. I wanted to insist that I was G (Golden) but I followed the advise of the L'oreal Makeup Artist. N3 is ALMOST my shade match but I still think the G3 is the best for me. N3 lacks yellow tones in it that it makes my face a bit lighter than usual but not ghost/floating face effect. Please refer to my before and after photos below. Hirap mag explain. haha I really think that if I got G3 it would looked better on my skin.
In terms of formulation, L'oreal indeed reformulated this foundation. It was a whopping 360 degrees turn and they changed everything from the consistency to the very coverage. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying this foundation is not good. I am just laying down the predicate that I can not compare this new formula with the old version because they are entirely different animals yet with same name. Do you get what I mean?

Let me start with the consistency. The new True Match is a bit more runny and liquidy. Aside from the fact that it has shimmers, this foundation is lightweight. One of the lightest in my vanity kit right now. When I first tried it, it reminded me of Chanel Vitalumiere foundation but a bit heavier. Surprisingly, despite the light consistency,  the coverage is really good. It has a light to medium coverage that is very buildable. With one layer, it can cancel out the redness on my face and immediately evens out my skin tone. I love how it gives my face a soft focus effect making it look seamless and airbrush but very natural. I find it perfect for day time wear and everyday makeup due to its consistency and coverage. With its good coverage,  I suggest applying a maximum of two layers  to cover up the entire face and to avoid caking.  As for blendability, it is very easy to apply and blend. I can either use synthetic brushes or fingers in applying this foundation. It did not highlight my dry patches and psoriasis. As you can see on the photo below, it even covered up my white patches and reddish patches on the forehead (guttate psoriasis). The staying power is good and it is best to set it with a powder to prevent the foundation from melting. I can not attest if this oily or not because I have dry skin  but I did notice that I need to touch up on my forehead and nose every after a few hours whenever I use this foundation. It did not irritate my skin nor did it break me out.
Without foundation, with one layer of L'oreal True Match, with L'oreal True Match and Powder
** for the under eyes, I use the L'oreal True Match Crayon Concealer in W4-5

Please do note that I have acidic skin so I used slightly lighter shade of foundation.

Overall, this is a good lightweight foundation perfect for everyday wear. The shade selection is very nice (they have 10 shades I think) thus, you can definitely find your true match whether you have cool, warm or neutral tones. It gives off a very natural soft focus finish.  On top of everything, it only costs 600 pesos! This drusgtore foundation is definitely a steal.


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  1. Well, well, well, this is indeed something worth checking out. It has great coverage and lots of great colors to choose from. I find it super affordable too.

  2. I think you're right. You're most likely a G than an N. I was excited to find what the replaces Lucent Magique with and I got turned off by the shimmer. I should swatch this when I drop by Watsons.

  3. i would love to try this too,loreal is simply amazing,it can really make my skin have that flawless look,and the price is right!

  4. I love this foundation,is look good in your face

  5. Aw, I'm kinda scared of the shimmer and this might not work on my oily skin.But still I'm gonna check this out, the coverage is good and I love that it's lightweight. Please review brow products next :D

    I love reading your post na talaga, parang kausap lang kita:) Nakakarelax and at the same time may natutunan pa ako. Hehe. I can't help it but smile about on how you insist about your shade. Thanks for making me smile today;)

  6. We have similar skintone, mine a tad bit taner and g3 is quite perfect for me without looking greyish. Thought the g3 will suit you best too

  7. Hiiii! Thank you so much for your foundation reviews. Tingin ko kasi magkapareho tayo ng skin tone. So I use your posts as reference on what shade to get. L'Oreal and Maybelline are holding a sale today and their foundations are 50% off so I read your posts so I could decide what shade to get! Sadly G3 is sold out so I just got N3. I think I can make it work.


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