BYS X Glamourbox Makeup Workshop

Last month, BYS celebrated its 3rd anniversary in the Philippine Beauty Market. In celebration of this event, BYS partnered with Glamourbox for a September Exclusive box. BYS is an Australian brand. This brand is designed and developed in Melbourne and is known for their world class quality sans the exorbitant price range. BYS is one of those brands that is always up to date with the latest makeup craze or fashion trend. During the workshop, Pro Mua Katch taught us a day to night look but focusing on the technique of strobing. 

Lia, the CEO of Glamourbox, gave a quick introduction before the workshop. 

Strobing technique is basically another term for highlighting. It is highlighting the facial features where light would naturally hit the face like the forehead, nose bridge, temples,  chin and brow bone. Katch has taught us about baking. Baking is a makeup technique of setting base makeup by letting loose/translucent powder sit on the face for 10-15 minutes. This creates a seamless and flawless finish. My technique is using a lighter shade of loose powder and after dusting it off, viola - instant baking/highlighting all at the same time. The model looked flawless after the baking technique. 
We were given BYS products to play with. Here are some of the products that I am excited to use:

BYS Nude Eyeshadow Palette - This palette is fairly pigmented and it is an obvious dupe for the Nake Palette. The colors may not look the same but the packaging is very similar.
The BYS Brow Definition Kit is one of the products that MUA Katch used that really impressed me. It contains a brow wax and three brow powders. This is very pigmented. Do you want me to review this product? Just leave your comment below if you want me to. :)

Thank you Glamourbox and BYS for having me at your workshop.

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  1. Oh yes please do a review on this BYS Nude eyeshadow palette, compare it with UD Naked. I've just started getting addicted with makeups and I read somewhere na start from drugstore to designer makeups which I'm doing, but if mas maganda naman talaga yung mga high ends then I'll definitely buy.

  2. Grabe, yung baking na word ginagamit na rin as makeup technique:) parang mahirap gawin yung strobing 'no? The bys palette para ngang naked kasi nakakita na rin ako ng pic nun e. Yes please, do a review of the bys brow definition kit kasi gusto ko talaga to. Yey. Thanks in advance:)

  3. YES review on the Brow Definition Kit, please!

  4. I'm about to give in and buy the UD Naked 3, do you advice this instead or better pa rin UD Naked 3? Where did you buy yours and how much Atty? Thanks for the indulgence.

    1. This is around 1100 plus pesos. I will still recommend getting UD Naked 3

  5. I just starting to get the hang of contouring but now there is strobing and baking (gulay! gimme break to try those on myself) bwahahaha!

  6. Thank you, sige gora na ako, nakaka-guilty hihihi kaka-order ko pa lang ng Morphe, pero nakakasaya ng buhay ang mga babies na ito eh. Thanks again Atty. More power.


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