Iwhite Korea Facial Cream Whitening Vita

Iwhite Korea gave me this product last December for me to try. I did not like it on my first try especially when I swatched it at the back of my hand. I honestly do not know what it does. It felt like a moisturizer but it delivers a white finish/ cast after blending. I gave it to my mom after swatching it and never thought that I will be using it again. A few weeks later, I blogged about a CC Cream and a reader of mine mentioned this product. She mentioned how she loves this product and works like a CC Cream and a makeup base in one. Luckily, Iwhite Korea sent me new samples and I did not hesitate to give this another shot. 

Iwhite Korea says:
Iwhite Whitening Vita Facial Cream is an all around face cream with natural active ingredients that gives you three essential benefits for a complete day car protection.

1. Whitening  with mulberry extract to evenly whiten skin
2. Dual UV Protection - with Titanium Dioxide to protect ski from harmful UV rays that cause cellular damage and premature aging
3. Makeup Base - with PANAX Ginseng and Vitamins A, C and E to shield skin from free radical damage while leaving it silky smooth so makeup sets perfectly on your skin

On my second try, I immediately noticed the fresh scent of the product. I love the subtle fragrance that is not too overpowering. This is a lightweight cream that blends smoothly when applied (no tugging whatsoever). It felt like lotion on my skin. This does not dry quickly which I love. It leaves a demi matte finish on the skin. It is an instant brightener. My face looked lighter after application and it somehow even out my skin tone slightly covering the redness on my skin. This does not alter the color of my foundation or BB Cream. This has SPF 15 but I have not yet tested it if it leaves a white cast on flash photography. It does a great job of prepping my skin for base makeup application but it does not lengthen the staying power of my makeup. 
I do notice that it clings on dry areas on my face like my psoriasis and rashes as seen on the photo below. I love using it on days when I have clear skin but whenever I have rashes or flare ups, I skip this to prevent highlighting my imperfections. Overall, this product is a great makeup base for those who wants an instant brightening effect, hydration, and sun protection. I have tried using it alone with my regular powder foundation and it worked well for everyday use. 
                               Clean Face                                          With Iwhite Korea Facial Cream                                   
For 150 plus pesos (I am not really sure of the price), this is a nice product for everyday use. They also sell this in sachets, in case you want to test it out first before buying a full sized product.

Have you tried this product?Let me know what you think about it.


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  1. I like their aqua moisturizer it's very light on my skin.

  2. Where is this available, Ms. Donna? Thanks!

    1. They have this in watsons and other department stores ;)

  3. Hi atty. What powder foundation do you use? Thank you.

  4. I use Loreal Mat Magique BB veil ;)

  5. I've tried this..i like that its creamy but not that greasy/heavy on your face..it is actually great as a make up base..=) just apply a pea size amount because if you put alot..ur face will look soooo white..like ur a mumu..hihi..and i also love their aqua moisturizer.

  6. hmmm...interesting. I think i will give this a shot. Love the effect on your skin. Hope it works on mine too.

  7. Hello there! Thanks for this review very informative. My first time to see you blog and I loved it!:)

  8. I am a fan of iWhite. I used tubes and tubes of this cream during my College days. Plus the smell is great too, kinda like lancome Miracle or did they change it?

  9. Omg, after I read this post, bumili ako agad sa Watsons, pati yung Aqua Moisturizer and BB Cream; and I use them all :) Iwhite has good products.

  10. Love their aqua moisturizer. It also has mulberry! It smells so good and it's super light on the skin. :)

  11. Does this really helps to get a whiter skin tone??

  12. Pwede po ba to sa teens? 17 year old?


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