Bioderma: My Skin Rescue

Aside from morning sickness, I am experiencing psoriasis flare ups particularly on my forehead and cheeks. My dermatologist said it was okay to use steroids sparingly at such a minimal dosage. I tries it once but out of paranoia, I would rather have patches all over my face than see the harmful effects of steroids on my baby. Moisturizers do not work for me even those from my trusted brands. My HG facial wash suddenly felt weird on my skin. It seemed as if my skin does not want to cooperate to any skin care products that it loved before. I had to change sunblocks twice within a month which is a bit costly!

I was honestly about to give up then I got invited by Bioderma in their event. Their event was primarily for their sebium pore refining line but their other products got me really interested.  It was their Hydrabio, Photoderm and Atoderm line that caught my attention.

ATODERM (Dry to Atopic Skin)
Atoderm provides a soothing solution and optimal skin hydration. Its skin barrier therapy patent allows skin to rebuild and recreate a healthy skin barrier while acting on the dysfunctions of dry to atopic skin. The products under this range strengthen skin over time, making it more resilient to defend well against external stress.

HYDRABIO (Dehydrated Sensitive Skin)
Everyday, pollution, stress and cold weather disrupt the skin’s cellular activity. It no longer knows how to deeply generate or retain on the surface the water that it needs for its natural balance. The skin becomes dehydrated, uncomfortable and more sensitive and loses its radiance

PHOTODERM (Skin and Sun Protection)
Photoderm provides an adapted solution to protect the skin from the dangers of the sun. A major breakthrough in reducing the risk of cellular lesion, its exclusive patent formula provides optimum protection for skin cells. This is the 1st patent which biologically activates skin’s natural sun defense.

I got one product from each line and I could not be more happier. These product worked wonder for my skin! First let me tell you about the blue tube in the first photo. That is the Atoderm Gel Douche (Gentle Shower Gel) From Bioderma "Gently cleanses non-atopic, dry skin, leaving it soft and comfortable, for babies, children and adults. Contains coconut and sunflower extract that moisturize the skin. It has gentle cleansing property and soap-free for its non-drying effect. Copper sulfate has anti-bacterial property to purify the skin. Hypo-allergenic, paraben-free." 

At first I was a bit hesitant to use this for my face. I kept asking the saleslady if this can be used for the entire face as it was a shower gel as mentioned in the description. She assured me that it can be used on my face. Glad I did pick this up because this has a very calming effect on my dry irritated skin. It also removes dirt and gunk on my face without leaving my skin dry and tight. I love how just a little amount of product can cleanse my entire face very well (like a pea size will do). It is also very affordable for 628 pesos for such a huge tube.
I also switched to this sunblock. This is the Bioderma Photoferm Max. According to Bioderma,  this offers maximum compliance, protection and comfort from damaging UVB and UVA, employs exclusive patent Cellular Bioprotection®. This sunblock has SPF 50+. It has a very runny texture. It is lightweight and works like a cream moisturizer when applied because it is readily absorbed by my skin. This has no scent and did not irritate my skin. The nozzle is useful in controlling the amount product you dispensed. This does not give off a white cast on flash photography but make sure to use sparingly. This costs 1288 pesos. 
This was one of the products I am really excited to try. This is the Hydrabio moisturizing serum for dehydrated, sensitive skin. This serum retrains the skin to moisturize itself. It comes in a fresh gel texture. It is lightweight and permeates on the skin upon application. It helped retain moisture on my skin and hydrates it the whole. It is now an extra step to my growing skin care routine. I apply this after toner or after using a facial wash then followed by my regular moisturizer. This costs for 1,508 pesos.

Here is the photo of how the sunblock and serum looks like. The serum feels like a fresh lightweight gel that turns into water when spread on the skin. 

Here is a photo of my face sans makeup after weeks of using Bioderma Products. Do not mind my psoriasis flare ups on my forehead, I am just happy that the rest of my face now looks better. 

I am in love with Bioderma skin care line. I want to try more of their products especially from the Atoderm line. Indeed, Bioderma  has changed my skin for the better. I love how most of their products are made for sensitive skin. 

Have you tried Bioderma products?
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  1. I'd love to try Bioderma but i'm having doubts on it,but after reading your post i might give a try. Thanks for sharing..^^

  2. Glad that you care too much for your baby though it means you have to be uncomfortable.

  3. Oh thanks so much for the share... Enjoy your pregnancy! Congratulations


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