Review: Fashion 21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer

"There’s no need to look far for a great BB cream and concealer—it’s all in the Ultimate Cover. Our lightweight formula provides excellent coverage that maintains its color even in the face of sweat and humidity. Both products can either be applied separately or combined for the smoothest evenly-toned and blemish-free look, and our three-color range fits any skin tone. It comes with SPF 30+."
Fashion 21 sent me their newest Ultimate Cover BB Cream a month ago and I had ample time to roadtest it to make a review. This is a 2 in 1 product containg 5 grams of concealer on the other end and 20 ml of BB Cream in a tube. This comes ins three shades (1 , 2 and 3) and costs 225 pesos per tube. 

The first thing I noticed is the protruding concealer placed on the cap of the tube. Everytime I take out the cap of the concealer, I take extra caution because the concealer is creamy and the placement is prone to damage or unintentional chipping especially when opening or closing the cap. I noticed that despite the heat of our weather,the concealer did not melt at all.
The concealer is very creamy and gives a natural dewy finish. If used alone, it has the tendency to move around under the eye area, it also creases and sink in the fine lines or my under eyes and it does not offer much coverage. I love this when used together with the BB Cream because it adds a bit of texture to the bb cream and delivers a medium coverage. This concealer works best for those with redness or uneven skin complexion. For those with dark circles, I recommend mixing it with the bb cream for better coverage. 
The BB Cream has a creamy and lightweight formula. What I loves most about is its creaminess and blendable texture. Compared to Korean BB Creams, this does not have any whitening or anti ageing properties. Thus, I consider this as a light foundation with SPF great for everyday wear. The coverage is light and is buildable to a semi medium coverage. It covers my redness very well and does not emphasize the dry patches of my face. It has a nice dewy finish which need to be set with powder te prevent any makeup meltdown. I do not find the bb cream or concealer to  be long lasting unless when mixed together. When mixed together, they last longer on me than usual. When used alone, I find this BB Cream too creamy for our weather that this product can make my dry skin look a wee bit greasy whenever exposed to humidity or heat. 
I commend the color selection because a lot of Filipinas can find their match, however, the shades will definitely not suit those with super pale or fair skin or dark skin tones. I found my match in shade no. 1. No. 1 BB cream is more on the neutral side. No. 1 concealer is a great eye brightener. No. 2  BB Cream is for those with strong yellow undertones. No. 2 can work for me too but i find no. 1 perfect for my acidic skin. No. 2 concealer is great for my under eyes. No. 3 is for medium olive skin tone. The no. 3 concealer is great for contouring or bronzing.
Over all, this is a good everyday product. It is also a space saver in your makeuo kit because it is a 2 in 1 product, hence, great for travelling. The BB Cream covers my redness and rashes nicely. When, mixed together ( BB plus concealer), I can really achieve my desired medium coverage. I love the SPF 30 included in the BB cream. It also costs 225 pesos only which is very affordable.

What do  you think of this product? Godbless


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  1. Looks cool for travelling, for sure.

  2. Interesting! I love the idea of being a space saver because its 2 in 1. I think this is something worth checking out!

  3. Is it okay for oily skin?

    1. NO I do not siggest this for those with oily skin!!!


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