L'oreal Velvet Pinks (Review and Swatches)

When I received these lipsticks from Loreal, I was beyond thrilled. The Nude Star Collection released year/s ago was by far one of my favorite formula especially the shade Barely Moka. I love the shade pink but the finding the right shade for my dark (lined) lips was really hard. When these lippies arrived at my doorstep, I has high hopes finding my perfect everyday pink. The last pink lipstick I fell in love with was the Maybelline Gradation in Fuchsia and years before that, MAC lipstick in Chatterbox. This Velvet Pink Line has 7 shades to offer and upon seeing the shades on the tube, Rebel lotus and Nymphea were instant favorites.
The black packaging is so pretty and they look good inside my makeup drawer side by side. The shade identifier on the case is quite similar with the color of the lipstick it represents. The shades ranges from light peach to dark plum tones.
Here are the shade swatches at the back of my arms. Some pink shaades look almost similar with each other but with different tones.

Jasmine is a light nude peach.
Primrose is hot coral pink.
Iris is a medium milky pink.
Nymphea is the shade worn by Solenn on her wedding. This shade is a natural rosy pink.
Fuchsia is a deep barbie hot pink.
Rebel lotus is a plum magenta shade.
Camelia is a cool tone pink with tons of  blue undertones.

I wanted to do lip swatches of each shade but failed because I can't seem to identify some shades that i forgot to take a photo of Fuchsia.
Jasmine, Primrose, Iris, and Nymphea
Rebel Lotus and Camelia

These lipsticks have a very light feel and texture. One of the most comfortable lipsticks I have ever tried. This has a balmy feel to them which I really love. The colors are all wearable even the darker ones because they look like a heavily tinted balm when worn on the lips. The lipstick has an okay staying power. It does not bleed nor gets runny on the lips despite having a slightly glossy finish or sheen. Sadly, I am on the fence on these lippies. Despite its great formulation, I can't seem to make them work on my dark lips. I constantly need to pair then with a lip liner which alters the shade of the lipsticks when combined. I also think that this lipstick emphasizes the dryness and lines of my lips. Also, there are shades that look patchy and uneven when applied like Jasmine and Iris. I have seen other bloggers swatching these lippies and the colors looked great on them!!! I really think the culprit why these lipsticks did not work for me were because  of my dark lip lines and I have been experiencing extreme dryness and chapping ever since i got pregnant.

Despite some shades not working for me, Nymphea and Rebel Lotus are exceptions in my case. These two shades looked even and apply beautifully on my lips sans lip liner. Also, they do not look patchy on my lips at all.

Price: 400 pesos per tube

What is your favorite shade from this line?

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  1. The packaging is beautiful! I don't think we have this line here in the US. At least I've never seen them!


  2. Rebel lotus looks intimidating on the tube but looks nice on swatch though Primrose is my favorite not because of Hunger games lol! The shade is so beautiful :D

  3. Rebel lotus and Camelia are lovely shades...


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