Maybelline x Calyxta Contour Jungle: Contouring Made Easy (Review of Face Studio V-Face Products plus Swatches)

The makeup technique craze popularized by Kim Kardashian and the rest of the youtube community has become a phenomenon in the beauty industry. Almost everyone I knew (even those not really into makeup that much), wants to learn how to contour (at siyempre magkilay!). Maybelline recently released the newest collection the V-FACE By Face Studio Line consisting of Duo Stick highlighter and contour, Duo Powder highlighter and bronzer and Blush Contour. I was invited by Calyxta to the Maybelline Contour Jungle Event. Aside from learning how to use their newest products, they gave me products to play with as well. 
Maybelline V Face Duo Stick
Maybelline V-Face Duo Stick
Price: 499
I was particularly interested with this duo stick. I was excited because this is a two in one product and such fact makes it very travel friendly. I thought that the highlighter part was a matte shade like the US version and during the event I found out that it is a strobe and contour duo. This is a retractable bullet and both sticks look like lipstick bullets on the tube. The slanted or lipstick point promises precise application on contour and highlight points of the face. The packaging is light and looks quite sturdy. The cap of both ends of the sticks are clear for easy recognition of the products. The slanted line on the design of the tube packaging also show which side is which. 
Maybelline V Face Duo Stick
The shade I got was in the shade Medium. I love the highlighter shade. It is a light champagne shade that suits my yellow skin tone very well. On the other hand, I am on the fence on the contour stick. The shade is too warm and orangey for my skin tone and it looks more of a bronzer than a contour on my skin. The consistency of both shades are creamy and blendable. The shape of the stick makes contouring and highlighting more precise and easier especially on the nose area. Despite having that sheen or glowing finish, the highlighter stick does not have any gritty shimmers. This duo stick must be set with powder to lengthen their staying power. I am in love with the highlighting stick more than the contour stick. I really thought that I would be reaching for the contour stick more but to its orangey tone, I just use it as a bronzer underneath my contour powder. The highlighting stick is really beautiful esepcially for highlighting the brow bone. It makes my brows look extra sharp and on fleek. 
Maybelline V Face Duo Powder
Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Duo Powder
Price: 499 pesos
This is a duo powder compact that promises subtle contouring and highlighting. The powder is smooth and finely milled. The highlighting powder is a shade lighter than my skin tone and has hints of shimmers that are unnoticeable. The highlighting powder is actually very good. It applies beautifully underneath my eyes and nose bridge. This highlighting powder made my skin look brighter. I really love how it looks on photos. The contour powder is a shade darker than my skin tone. True enough, this is for subtle contouring only. 
Maybelline V Face Duo Powder
I find the product very powdery. Also, because of its irregular shape, picking up the colors on the pan is very challenging, thus using a thin or smaller brush is suggested. For the highlighter, I love applying it with the use of a powder sponge to achieve maximum coverage especially on the under eyes.
Maybelline V Face Duo Powder
Swatches of the shade Medium Dark

NOTE: The duo stick and duo powder go very well together. When used together. the colors matched my skin very well and creates a very natural contour and highlight on my skin. When used together, the contour stick and powder looks so beautiful on my skin. 
Maybelline V Face Blush Contour
Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Contour Blush
Price: 399 pesos
I got the shade Wine which is a beautiful combination of Light pink, Mauvey Rose Shade Blush and a warm light brown contour powder. I love the color of this product when mixed all together. The color it creates is a warm rosey pink that looks really nice and glowing on my medium yellow skin tone. 
Maybelline V Face Blush Contour

Photos of the product when applied on the face
Contour Stick looks orangey and light. It works as a bronzer for me. 
Using the Duo Stick and Duo Powder together
Both products complement each other very well. The contour stick and powder looked great on my skin when used together. 
Look how nice the highighting stick look on my brow bone and nose bridge. I used the Highlighter powder on my undereyes. 

Using all the Face Studio V-Face Product on this picture.
For the blush, I swirled all three shades to achieve such color on my cheeks.

All Face Studio V-Face Products are currently on sale with 100 pesos off at selected department stores.

You can also purchase these products at

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  1. Since I only have a limited budget at the moment, I am torn between the stick and the powder duo. But then since I'm still a noob when it comes to contouring, I think I have to go with the powder first. Don't you think so Miss Donna?

    PS. You looked great on those photos. Blooming! ^-^

  2. I want to try the stick duo, gusto ko matuto magcontour talaga! Gusto ko rin ng Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Contour Blush :) buti nalang budget friendly! ganda mo sa photos, di halatang ang complain mong dry ang skin mo!

  3. Ganda nga po nung highlight shade! :( Masyado nga pong warm yung contour stick nung duo pero mukhang okay naman sya as a base for contour, patungan nalang ng darker/more neutral na contour powder :) Love how affordable these products are, and how versatile they are <3 This looks like a great way to step up your daily make up game kasi ang natural lang ng dating hihih :)

  4. Ngayon ko lang nakita yung swatch for V Face Countour Blush I like the shade when mixed all together <3


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