Review + Swatches: Maybelline Powder Mattes

When Maybelline announced to us (bloggers) in one of their events that they will be launching the powder matte lipsticks. I waa super duper excited. I love the creamy matte line particularly the shade touch of spice and clay crush. This Powder Matte Line is known for their lightweight formula. Maybelline gave me the complete shades of this line and I was lucky enough to try every shade.

The Powder Matte Line has a nice vibrant shade selection. Compared to the Creamy Matte Line, this has more reds and pinks. They have very few nude shades and sadly, some light shades does not deliver my desired saturation and color.

Someone asked me which is better the powder mattes or the creamy mattes. I immediately answered the powder mattes but while writing this review, I think creamy mattes have a better shade selection. The shades in the creamy mattes line are all wearable and suits my yellow skintone well. The powder mattes, on the other hand,havethe best feel and comfortable formula out of all the lipstick (or maybelline lipsticks) that I have tried. These lipsticks have a light velvety texture. 

What I love about the Powder Mattes Line:
  1. Lightweight. It feels so comfortable and feels nothing on the lips.
  2. Did not dry out my lips
  3. The dark and deep colors like the plums and reds don't have intense pigmentation in one swipe. I find them wearable for everyday especially when applied only with one layer. (Red lips araw araw? Why not)
  4. Lasts 3-4 hours on my lips 
  5. Stays put even after eating or drinking with slight noticeable fading 
  6. Leaves a tint on the lips after hours and it does not look completely washed off 
What I do not like about the Powder Mattes Line:
  1. Some shades like the Barely There or Nude Illusion looked weird on my lips. These shades did not deliver any color on me and looked to waxy. The lighter shades do not look good on my dark lip lines.
  2. This line does not have a lot of natural/neutral shades for everyday wear. 
  3. The shades or color pay off are not consistent. Some lipsticks looked different on the tube and when worn. For example, Mauve It Up looks like purplish pink on the tube but when applied, it looks medium Barbie pink on my lips and on the swatches.
  4. Some shades appear patchy on my lips and feels waxy too.
All shades take a minimum of two to three layers to achieve the desired shade opacity.

Overall, there are hits and misses on this line. In my opinion, it really depends on the color of the lipstick whether you will love or hate this product. My favorites are Plum Perfection, Make Me BLush and Touch.This line reminds me a lot of the L'oreal velvet pink lipsticks.

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  1. I love all the colours!!! Especially the nudes. :)

    From Manila with Love Blog

  2. I'm gonna try these,..thanks for the review madam..It helps alot...

  3. Thanks for the blog I love Maybelline products

  4. Your powder matte lipsticks collection is really fabulous and beautiful


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