Review + Swatches: Careline Multi Sticks

Hi everyone. I got these Careline Multi sticks because of the raves of youtubers. Initially, I do not have plans on purchasing them at all except for the contour stick. Why? The first time I swatched them at the mall they have this paste like consistency which really turned me off. However, after watching a lot of youtube reviews, I was really surprise at how well their products glide and blend on screen. Sabi ko so may mali sa testers sa Careline, without much thought, I bought the Careline Multi Sticks hoping it will up to the claims/raves online. Also, I tried looking up for blog review on this product pero puro youtube reviews lumalabas eh kaya I decides to review them.

Before proceeding with review, please note that I have dry sensitive skin. I have psoriasis and I have flare ups on my face. I have also tried these products for 5 full days before reviewing them. I tried going out and inside and an airconditioned room to see how these products work under different conditions (maulan, maaraw, humid weather lahat yan naexperience ko nung mga nakaraang ilang araw! Grabe ang weather ng pinas parang ako pabago bago ng mood hehe) 

Okay, tama na ang kadaldalan ko. Ito na ang totoong review. These multi sticks reminds me a lot of Etude House Play 101 sticks release 2 years ago. These are called multi sticks because you can use these on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. On the other hand, I prefer to use them specifically for the purpose each stick is designed except for the strobe and blush sticks which are winners in this review. Ayan patikim kung ano ang pinakabet ko sa lahat. Hehe

Each stick is housed in a plastic twist up tube with transparent cap. Each has a net weight of 5 grams and these are made in China. This cost 199 pesos each.
From L-R: Highlighter, Strobe, Contour, Primer, Peach and Rose

Based on the swatches, these sticks have a creamy consistency. Let us discuss the sticks one by one.

PRIMER STICK - I was expecting so much from this stick because this is the product that gave immediate results when swatched. Anong ibi kong sabihin? When I swatched this stick, it smoothen and matiffied the area kung san ko siya nilagay. However, on my dry skin, this stick is a No NO!!! This highlighted my dry patches and psoriasis flare ups. On smooth areas of my skin, products like the blush looked extremely patchy and the highlighter stick got displaced under my eye with the primer stick underneath them. Sabi ko talaga sa IG stories ko, wala ang pangit ng Careline and I was about to give up on these sticks when JC Fabuleux told me that the culprit might be the primer stick. Ito nga ang cause ng dahilan! Haha I do not like this product at all. I do not know if it will work on oily skin.

So, after the meltdown using the primer stick, I used the other products without it.

HIGHLIGHTER STICK- Hindi ko alam kung san anggulo ng stick na ito naging highlighter siya. Haha This works as a light concealer for me especially for my under eyes. This can correct my dark circles because it has a beige peach tones. It can stay on for hours without retouching provided it is set with powder. Since it has a light coverage, it does not entirely cover up my dark under eyes. Pass din ako dito since I prefer high coverage concealers.
Without products on my under eye
With the Hightlighter stick

PEACH AND ROSE STICKS - I will be discussing these sticks concurrently. These sticks are primarily blushes but works well as eyeshadows too! Lalo na yung peach on lid, lakas makafresh!!!! Some say these sticks can be used on the lips as well. I object! hahaha These sticks cling on to dry patches and really quick so on my lips, these look cakey. I tried applying these sticks in two ways: one, after my makeup base but before setting it powder and the other, after I have set everything with powder, so I applied it on top of my powder.

The first application worked best!!! Naloka lang ako ng slight when I applied it after my powder noh. These sticks really clung to my dry patches like crazy making my skin look more troubled. I posted it on my IG stories and someone even commented that it looked like rashes!! Yikes! So, I applied it after my liquid foundation and it blended seamlessly. After setting everything with powder, these sticks did not budge and stayed the whole day on my cheeks. Well, by the end of the day, the color is not as intense noh pero meron pa rin.  These sticks are creamy and pigmented and blends well seamlessly. The best applicator for these sticks are fingers!!! The warmth of the fingers can really help in blending the product. These sticks do not stain my fingers during application. Since, I use a pressed powder in setting the products, I apply two three layers to get my desired intensity. These sticks have demi matte finish.

Peach Stick without setting powder

Rose stick with setting powder
(pasintabi sa national outfit ng mga nanay hehe)

Peach Stick is a milky peach. 
Rose Stick is a coral pink shade.

CONTOUR STICK -  This is a neutral brown shade but gives off slightly ashy/grayish tones. It works well as a shading stick for shaping and defining areas like the nose bridge and cheek bones. I am also not a fan of the shade because this tends to look muddy on my skin.  Also, this does not last long on me even when set. As in sayang!!!!!!!!! This wears off easily like after 4 hours waley na. If you are looking for a great contouring base na swak sa budget, try the LA Girl Pro Concealer. They have darker shades that works best for contouring and bronzing.

STROBE STICK - Sabi nga nila save the best for last. When I saw this strobe stick being reviewed and youtuber were gasping for their breaths kasi ang ganda daw niya. Hindi ako naninawala. I told myself siyempre ang dami niyong ilaw, this product will illuminate talaga. Well, nung inapply ko siya ayun ganon din reaction ko. Napanganga din ako! Haha Ang ganda nito sobra. The shade is not simple champage. okay! Hindi siya champagne. This strobe stick is an iridiscent rose champagne color. Under the sun and natural lighting, it is just rose champagne but under fluorecent light, I can see tiny flecks of blue shimmer which can be quite unnoticeable. This explains why this highlighter gives off a cool toned highlight on my yellow skin tone. Also, it has a wet look kind of finish and you can intensify this look if you follow it up with a mist. I prefer warm highlighters but this one is so beautiful because it makes my skin look so glowing!! I applying this after setting everything with powder. I use my fingers to apply this strobe stick. It looks perfect on photos!!!!!This does not feel gritty nor does it highlight my bumps. It lasts whole day on me leaving my face with a subtle glow by the end of the day!!!! (Ang daming explanation points. Damang dama niyo ba ang excitement ko sa product na ito) 😂

Overall, I highly recommend the peach, rose, and most especially the strobe stick! 

Have you tried these multi sticks? What is your favorite?


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