Fresh Skinlab Tomato Glass Skin Sleeping Pack Review

How's everyone? I am finally getting back on track. I was hospitalized last Monday at around 130am due to  preterm labor scare. Thankfully, everything is fine now but I was advised to be on bed rest until my scheduled caesarean operation which is more than a month from now. My doctor even advised me to refrain from doing online work but blogging and posting here is a stress reliever for me; so, here I am posting a review.

I got this Tomato Glass Skin Sleeping pack on a whim on my trip to Watsons before the quarantine. I got this because it was so affordable for 199 pesos and my Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleepong Pack was not working for me so I needed an alternative. This sleeping pack is made of 98% Tomato Extract. It has other notanle ingredients like Ascorbic Acid, Dimethicone (if you are allergic to silicone this is is not for you), and Panthenol. 

This sleeping pack comes in a gel form. It is also lightly fragranced and I am fond of its scent. I also find the tube packaging very hygienic and I can control the amount of product it dispenses. This is a great addition to my night time skincare routine as it intensely moisturizes my dry skin.  I noticed that my face feels plump and glowing the next day whenever I use it. This does not feel heavy at all but it takes a while for the product to seep into my skin after application. This is gives my skin that much needed moisture boost. The packaging says to use it for 1-2x a week but sometimes I use it 3x especially when my skin feels a bit tight.This did not irritate my skin and did not clog my pores. 
This is a 5/5 on my book and I will definitely repurchase it once I ran out. I also wanted to try more of the Tomato Glass Skin products from Fresh Skinlab particularly their toners, lip mask, and the newest cleansing balm. Have you tried any of these? I would love to know your thoughts!!

Stay safe everyone!!




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