ohh soo red lips

i really don't like my lips that much.
i find it really thick and pouty.
Thanks to angelina jolie's lips hype, i have learned to somehow like it. (just a little)
whenever i put on a red lipstick i look clownish!!hmpf
But i have learned a key in choosing the right shade of red lipstick is looking at one's undertone.

a note from steven and chris:
  • If you have Cool Skin Tones - which is women with pink or rosy undertones - You will want to look for a lipstick shade that has a cool undertone like: a pinky red, blue based-reds, berry-reds, brick reds and plum tones
  • If you have Warm Skin Tones - which is women with yellow undertones - You will want to look for a lipstick that has a warm undertone, like: warm and deep red, burgundy, brown based reds or the shade of wine.
since i have yellow tones, warm shade of red suits me.

i am not fond of wearing red lipstick when going out.
i really find the color too strong and flamboyant
plus, my mama and papa find the color too garish for their taste. (HMPF)

my eyes looks so big. i look like dobby, the house elf.

avon simply pretty in red roses
avon simply pretty red lip liner
the face shop fruity lipgloss


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  1. looking hot Donna!

    about the e/s and blush, e/s is from my glam&glitter palette and careline peach glow blush. :)

    thank you!!

  2. You are amazingly gorgeous! The red makes you look so sexy girl! And no you don't look like Dobby!!! hahah You aren't wearing a pillow case! ;)

  3. @ nehs: thanks.. :D i might buy that blush.. i really don't have a decent matte peach blush.

    @nu: not a dobby look alike eh.. (minus the pillow case and those wrinkles too)haha.. thanks a lot gurl.. :D


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