Part 2 Launching of UST Lawrev website

Thank God i was not late.
it took me 3 hrs to get dressed!wheew talk about SLOOWW.

Anyways, the speech of Justice Amy Javier was very indeed very inspiring.
I am very thankful to be a part of Law Review and the just the mere fact of associating with the brightest students in UST Civil Law is a great honor.
Lawrev has taught me a lot of things, foremost would be making a good case digest.
(thanks nessie [the new editor in chief]!! i'll never forget the case of Heirs of Maura So which i edited and re-edited for numerous times!grrrrr.....)

Above all, the knowledge i have gained and will gain for the years to come for being part of Lawrev is beyond comparison.

random pictures from the event

^my friend, mare classmate, beloved sorority sister and my senior in lawreview
Ms. April Abando Gerero, Managing Editor of latest Lawrev Editorial Board

^whoa!!!!!! 300 watdah!?!? hehehe

^atty. gorospe did not call me dimples for nothing!!!hahaha
wahh i have so many rashes!!

^camwhoring while on the way to ust (i was not the one driving..hehe)
btw, i am the new research edito!!waahh i never thought i could be an editor..


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  1. Omg your dimples are sooooo cute! I wish I had dimples now too! haha :)

  2. @ Nu Nu Doll: aww..thanks.. :D it's the cutest abnormality one can have...teehee

    @whit: thanks girl.. your comment was such an ego booster for my day!!mwah


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