In Full Bloom (Flower Inspired Makeup)

Hi everyone.. :D This is my supposed entry to
DENiSE's flower contest

I don't know if i could still enter though.. hihi.. the end date says july 25, 2009.. uhmm.. is this the last day of submitting entries?? or the last day is on the 24th?? i really don't know..she wrote that the end date on some part of her page is 25th of June.. Now, I am really confused.. hihi If she will not permit me, it's really okay since I have not done any look for my blog last week..I need to update my blog.. :D I have been through a lot this day. I will be posting a post about it soon. :D

^^My inspiration but I decided to add more flowers.. :D

In Bloom Look:

Products Used:
78 pc CS palette
24 e/s palette from ever bilena
ever bilena lipstick in pink flame
saizen half type falsies
nichido liquid eyeliner
careline platinum eyeshadow stick
missha 4d mascara
milani color brilliance liner in black
elf studioline bronzer
in2it eyebrow kit
fashion 21 eyeshadow stick in lilac


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  1. awww! amft! kavoooog!

    galing mo tlga idol wahahha!

  2. I hope you can still enter because this is a really beautiful flower inspired look!! Sooo prettty!

  3. So pretty and creative!! you are gorgeous.

  4. Aww, sayang naman sis kung di ka makakasali. Anyhow, it's good to see you back on your blog. *grin*

    Galing galing nyo talaga! Very creative sis.

  5. im pretty sure you're in!
    how pretty naman!
    its so bright & it makes me feel happy!

    hope all is well,girl!

  6. OMG DONNARENCE.... Yet again, another winner worthy entry! Haha =] I would wish you luck, but it's not like you really need it, my dear. Mwhahaha! :)

    Oh by the way, I'm not sure, if I asked you this already?! (Gosh, if I did, I am so SORRY!)

    One of prizes for my contest is that I would be getting you drug store brands things. EX: Chrissy choose Rimmel, there is also Covergirl, Revlon..... =]

  7. i just read her blog and i think she's extending it to 26th bcus of the date confusion! hehe! and oh my goodness girl, you are truly TALENTED! i love what you've done! :) best of luck!

  8. donna magaling ka mag conceptualize ng mga makeup mo.

    kapag may mga school party kayo, advertise mo ang skills mo, meykapan mo mga sis mo. magpabayad ka mare. sayang ang skills mo...

  9. that's very colorful and creative great job!

  10. as usual ang galing mo dear!

  11. So pretty and creative! I hope you can get your entry in :)

  12. that's so pretty! I love all the bright colors you used :D good luck in the contest!

  13. This is so amazing! you did a fantastic job! If you can enter the prize is yours for sure!! :)


  14. oh nice don ang cute why I didnt saw your entry on my dashboard kelan pa to 25 sheesh!! waaa late comment :( what did you used 78 or everbilena?! promise di ko nakita to haha..

  15. beautiful! you are so creative! good luck!i'm your new follower!


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