Skinfood Gingko Green BB cream

Skinfood Gingko Green BB Crean
50 grams
A moisturizing base made with the essential ingredients of green tea, ginkgo leaf, Vitamin B and lecithin for nutritional benefits to the skin. Provides light coverage. Suitable for all skin types.

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Hi everyone,, Just a quick post with regard Skinfood Gingko Green BB Cream. I purchased this online for 525 pesos. I was really confused in choosing which bb cream variant from skinfood is the best. And well, I got the most unliked of all 4 which is Ginkgo BB cream. This is the least purchased of all Skinfood bb creams here in the Philippines and like others say also in Korea because this has no SPF. I heard Skinfood outlets here have not been stocking up on this product due to low sales. Actually, I bought this due to Khymm's enticing review. The consistency of this bb cream is way thicker than Missha's Perfect Cover bb cream. At first, I find a hard time using this . I find it really hard to blend. In the long run, I have mastered the technique of applying it (i initially apply a thin layer of moisturizer) and right now I am really loving it!!!I have been using this from the moment I got it. It really brightens my face after application. Compare to Missha which oxidizes on me (i really find it weird because lately everytime I used my Missha my face turns dark and dull.. I don't know why.. As far as I know I am not acidic..) The coverage is sheer to medium. Further, I love that it keeps my powder stay put (Disclaimer: Take note I have dry skin. Others say that its oil control is not good at all.. ). It is also scented with light almond fragrance.. Not alluring at all in my opinion but bearable because the scent is really not that overpowering. Nevertheless, I will not repurchased this product since I wanted to try other bb creams.

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My kitty (kuting in local parlance.. ) Her name is Charm.. I think she badly needs a bath!! Hahaha
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  1. ooo that bb cream looks nice its like a slight shimmer a bit hmmm do you like so far?

  2. your kitty's adorable! hope u dont mind me asking, what camera are u using?

  3. @ romina: i am using sony cybershot w dsc 110.. :D

  4. Charm is so cute and she looks so fluffy ha. I still haven't tried BB creams. I was about to until I read some bloggers claiming that BB creams broke them out. :|

    Lots of love,

  5. I used to want to try this product but hesitated.

    omg, i didn't know you have a cat!! she's effing CUTE!!

    oh and I was using these falsies called Trendy Fashion Lashes. I got them at a local department store. I just got Elf dramatic kit lashes and I thought they're quite similar...

  6. Absolutely fantastic review! I love your blog so much! Your kitty is soo cute! I hope you share more photos of Charm!

  7. very pretty cat, tnx for the info on the BB cream. I love to try all BB creams ^_^

  8. don't love the scent too, I prefer the Mushroom variant's scent.. hope it will work for you donna coz it really lightened my pimple scars.. wow you bought it for almost half the price (compared to malls)! BB cream nowadays are not expensive na.. bought mine kasi 2 years ago sa Skinfood shop talaga..

  9. and btw, your kitty is soo cute! love the white color..

  10. I was contemplating whether to purchase the gingko or aloe vera bb cream of skinfood the other the end I decided on the aloe. Which shade did you use? No 2?

  11. this was working well for me when i had a tester. i am sorry but that really didnt look right on you though. i think if there was a darker shade, it might just work. :)

  12. HI!!! where did you buy skinfood bb cream at 525 online? pls pls pls do tell me!! =)


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