Lovin' Marionnaud Pointed Eyeshadow Brush

I want to share with you a very affordable brush that is now available at Watsons. This is their pointed eyeshadow brush which only costs 89.00 pesos!! I am loving this brush to bits because it is super soft. Not scratchy at all.. It does not shed too and no bleeding.This is perfect for contouring the crease and applying e/s on your lower lash line.. The pointed tip is very useful for precise eyeshadow application. Marionnaud brushes carries the following:
  • dual ended eyeliner (slanted) brush and spoolie
  • foundation brush 
  • slanted blush brush 
  • eyebrow lash brush 
  • concealer brush 
  • foundation brush 
  • eyeshadow brush 
  • pointed eyeshadow brush 
  • retractable brush concealer brush 
  • big powder brush
  • travel brush set
All of these for a fraction of a price.. I will be getting their slanted blush brush and dual ended brush (eyeliner and spoolie) soon.. 
These brushes are a steal for beauty bargain hunters!!

^close up of the brush

 Side by side with my favorite blending brush from ELF. Look how pointed this brush is??
But I still love ELF blending brush more..


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  1. I will definitely pick this up the next time I go to Watson's. I have their angled blush brush and I'm loving it. :3

    I have read somewhere that the foundation blush wasn't as good. :/ So I'm looking for reviews before I buy LOL! Thanks!

  2. I wish can go out and buy it. I am captured by my baby that's why I can't visit the mall...
    I will surely drop by watson's and will definitely look for this promising baby. LOL
    You're one awesome bargain finder! I learn a lot from you...

  3. i'm really eyeing on these brushes, dear. cheap kase eh :) hehe

    and i also have that ELF blending eye brush, it's pure love! ;)

  4. How very cool that your Watsons carry this brush! I've been looking for something like this.

  5. thanks sa photo, camille i think didnt like this naman, now im torn.. i really need a pencil brush.. anyway either i go mac or marionnaud, parehong malayo sa kin yan e lol

  6. This looks like MAC 219 pencil brush. I'm glad you got such a nice bargain and a good dupe, too!

  7. wow seldom can you find brushes like this :) Thanks for the review

  8. thanks for the review! I did not get that brush thinking that it would be useless. Will try that brush!thanks

  9. i want this brush! ill buy one or two.

  10. Hmm, i saw this and i compared my MAC 219 with it, it may look the same but does not work the same. The Marionnaud is flimsier than 219, though it will work as crease brush, it wont function well as pencil brush. That's my opinion. The nearest dupe for 219 for me is Essence of beauty crease brush (the smaller in the duo pack)

  11. hi maryjoyce.. thanks for your opinion.. i have not tried mac at all.. hehe.. but this works for me and with 89 pesos what could i lose.. :D perhaps mac 219 is really good.. this product is just good for me :D godbless

  12. Hi Donnarence, you're welcome. and oh, the angled liner/spoolie brush from Marionnaud is great. Let us know please your thoughts when you get yours

  13. I picked up this brush @ Megamall today.. Great quality! It's definitely a steal!

  14. I picked up this brush @ Megamall today.. Great quality! It's definitely a steal!


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