Review: Revlon Photoready

30 ml.

Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup - for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish.

- Oil free
- Fragrance free
- SPF 20

(from Revlon Website

I have been lemming for this the so called HD makeup since people in youtube and other bloggers started raving about this. When Revlon came out with Photoready, I am really curious with this one because this is the most affordable HD makeup I could get. I wonder If this could really make any difference compared to non HD makeup.I particularly wanted the shade in golden beige because they say that this has a yellow undertone perfect for those who have NC35 - NC37 skintone. My first reaction on my first use of this product is that -- it was not impressive at all!! It highlighted my dry skin, made my rashes look more conspicuous and gives me that ugly white cast. Then, I gave it another try.. It was perfect.. The coverage was great and it made my skin glow.. Then, I realized that this  works best when I do not have rashes and when the weather is not too hot or humid.. I like this better than colorstay. Colorstay foundation feels to tight on my skin and its like wearing a mask. But Photoready feels light and it blends easily too. I have to admit that if there is a product that I have a Love/Hate relationship with.. This has to be it.

The pump bottle is just great!! It gives you that control in the amount of product you want to use.. I hope MAC Studiofix has the same pump bottle..

Shade: Golden Beige.. This has a pink or beige undertone on it.. Not yellow at all.. But this is the closest match to my skintone. I have tried other shades in the mall and they look so off on my skin. 

When evenly spread on my skin.. Look at that white cast..

For shade reference and comparison.

What I Love about this Product:
  • It has SPF 20!! yey.. perfect for our sunny weather here in the philippines.
  • The packaging is great and the pump is really useful!!
  • It has a very nice coverage compared to the other drugstore foundations that I have tried. This has a medium coverage and very buildable. 
  • It gives me that dewy, healthy glowing and luminous finish because of the micro shimmers in it. The shimmers are really unnoticeable. 
  • This spreads evenly on my face. It gives me that poreless look my bestfriend even commented how good my skin looks with this one.
  • No breakouts or rashes.
What I Hate about this product:
  • The shades introduced here in the Philippines are very limited. Most Pinays have a medium - tan complexion.
  • I only use this when my skin does not have rashes because this highlights my ugly skin instead of concealing it. (Remember I have dry skin which is very prone to rashes.)
  • When the weather is hot or humid,, this foundation melts and my face looks  like a grease ball.
 revlon photoready on me..

Have you tried this product? Tell me your opinion about it.. 


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  1. I've always wanted to try this product. Perhaps I'll get one and try it on my skin. It sure does look good on you! Stay pretty:-)

  2. when i was deciding on what to buy while i was at the revlon stall, i considered taking this since the price is almost the same with colorstay. but when i saw the iridescence effect, i knew right there & then that it will not work with me since i still have blemishes..

    good thing that i really did not buy this & opted for the colorstay

  3. it's so annoying that this product gives such mixed results! I can imagine that I'll have the same experience as you did with it accentuating bumps and rashes.

  4. I agree with you that it feels much lighter and natural than color stay. You're right about the color selection being too limited. :/

    I'm currently using this product in 004 Nude. I know people have mixed reactions to it but it works well for my oily skin. The sparkles don't bother me at all. I think it's always best to prime the face then seal it with loose powder after the foundie application. :)

  5. ako din di me nagbuy nito..and true very limited shadesi think their darkest may still match my skintone

  6. I've tried this and the color suits my skintone and I love it so much!

  7. oh! I really wanted to try on that product.. but i'm still deciding to or not to buy, hhehe.. maybe more reviews about this product would make me buy this.. I also wanted to try the colorstay foundation, but I don't know which is much more better?.. anyways, nice review sis. :)

  8. waaaa omg ang dameng post! hindi ako nakasubaybay!

    about this product, i tried it sa counter, hindi siya pwede sa oily skin ko sis. bagay mo to because you do not have oily skin.

    keep posting! cheers!

  9. Your skin looks so.. soft inthe picture. Iono am I making any sense? Hehe probably not.

  10. Wow this is great! I've been wanting this forever, but now thanks to your review I think I can make a better decision, especially if it breaks down in humidity!

    Thanks Donna!

  11. i love this!! it compliments even my oily skin. i use my fake 187 brush from divisoria and it just distributes the product really evenly. :)

  12. wow your skin looked photoready indeed! really flawless :)what tool did you use?

  13. i like it on you! i actually tried it but i cant find a match for my skin bc i am very tan. its very very similar to make up for ever's hd invisible cover foundation.

    oh and mac does sell pumps for the studio fix. you just have to pay extra for it.

  14. wow your skin looked photoready indeed! really flawless :)what tool did you use?


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