The musings of a Primadonnarence

I have been thinking of changing the name of my blog.
I am very hesitant though. I found out that people google "mylucidintervals" or lucidintervals. It is just now that I realize that my blog name is wayyy toooo longggg.. haha 
I really want  a domain of my own.
It just sucks that is already taken..
Hence, Primadonnarence.

Still thinking...... 
What do you think?


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  1. KEEP THE NAME! =) Wala lang, mylucidintervals is too popular already. When I didn't have a blog yet, I'd have no trouble remembering your site!

  2. Primadonnarence is a good idea since it has your name on it but I'm sure people will definitely miss mylucidintervals as it has become a really established beauty blog. Come to think of it, primadonnarence has 15 characters and mylucidintervals has 16. :P

  3. agree! i think mylucidintervals has already made a mark to your followers and even new readers. :) i suggest u keep it! ♥

  4. I think primadonnarence is cute and I say go for it =) I want to get a domain as well and resurrect my blog but haven't thought of a name yet.

  5. i know the feeling!
    this is the reason why i still haven't decided to buy a domain for my blog.

    People always refer to me as thiamere, which is fine by me. But making it as my website doesn't appeal to me.I know it's easy to remember but i don't want people to keep on calling me thiamere forever.

    I want to actually start owning my blog as JEM..not THIAMERE..but then i know that it can't be helped since i 'debuted' as thiamere already..hehe

    up until now i dont know if i will be buying a domain for my blog

  6. stick with it girl.. primadonnarence is too long for 1 word and lacks the appeal that your old blog name has :)

  7. I think mylucidintervals is a great name! Who cares if it's long or short, it how you feels bout your blog...


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