42 pc. palette by MOI Cosmetics

42 pc. palette by Moi Cosmetics

Hi everyone.. I know I told you before that I am on blogging hiatus but since we have a long weekend due to a Holiday Monday I decided to destress and go blogging. I have been drooling over this palette since I saw blog posts and youtube videos raving about this palette. I was browsing through multiply when I saw a post of  Moi Cosmetics  which screams SALE!! I was expecting a mere 10% off or free shipping sale but lo and behold!!! I saw this 42 pc. palette which is usually sold for 950 pesos and now for only 500 pesos!!! It's a sale, a makeup enthusiast can never resist.. I bought my 180 palette from them a year ago.. Alison of Moi Cosmetics was nice enough to give me a sample of a gold cosmetic glitter. 

Alison told me that there was only one pc. left and it has a damaged eyeshadow. I don't mind at all but she gave it to me for free shipping.I tried doing the alcohol trick. It worked but the eyeshadow looked awful weird. haha I am not really good with pressing makeup noh??  For a first timer like me, it looks quite bearable.. hehe 

First part

2nd part

It came with two applicators which does not look useful at all..

Some swatches of the eyeshadows. I was really expecting a lot from this palette since it has a lot of good reviews. Honestly, I am a bit disappointed with it.. The colors look almost the same. There is no much variety in it. There were a lot of purple shade -- 5 to be exact, 3 reds and 3 pinks and on.. The shades are too redundant in my opinion.  I am not just happy with the shades. The black was not that pigmented too.. (I find that weird!!) but the best thing about them is that they are really pigmented and matte. They are swatched with primer and the shades are really vibrant. Now, I miss doing eye makeup. :C

The 10 blushes are simply L-O-V-E!!! I do not know what the applicator is for.. It will to you hours if you use that for blush application.. hehe 

I love the 1st ad 2nd shade on the bottom and the third one on the upper row.. The blushes are a mix of matte and shimmery finishes. I am not a fan of the light pink shades since they really look weird on me..

They look so nice right??

The blushes and the palette are powdery as you can see from the swatches but they are really pigmented. This palette is perfect for travel.. It is very sleek and lightweight too. You can create lots of look with it.

Here are the swatches of the blushes:

I also bought the two pc. highlight and contour palette from Moi Cosmetics! Yes, I finally got one!! YEY.. I will be posting about it soon. 

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  1. i have this too. i only used the eyeshadow part once. yung blush palette, i've used it a few times. pigmentation is good but it doesn't last long.

  2. hi crystal.. :D really?? sayang naman .. i will roadtest it pag wala na akong rashes..

  3. ooohhhhh...500 lang. good buy ah!

  4. Donna, the blush palette looks pretty! Now it made me a bit confused because the brush is definitely not for blushes and I saw something similar to this on eBay marketed as a pink eyeshadow palette. But either way, the colors are really nice. :P

  5. interesting! i want to try this too. :3 hi sis! i'm back. haha. one sem to go... goodluck to us! ;)

  6. Donna the color looks very good. Parang Nyx din sya.

  7. nice buy :) You got 42 adorbz shades for only P 500

  8. That e/s palette looks so nice! More colors to play with :)

  9. Thank you for following =)
    I blushes look amazing!!

  10. yay! i see a new post. :D hope you're enjoying your long weekend, by the way. :) wow. the eyeshadow colors are bright and gorgeous. sorry to hear there wasn't much color variety. i do like the color of the e/s you pressed though. i think you did a good job of pressing it. kung ako 'yung nag-press baka 'di na mabuo 'yung e/s. hehehe... i also like that royal blue color that's swatched on your hand and the yellow one too. :)

    the blushes are gorgeous. very cute and girlie colors. a couple colors remind me of well dressed and dollymix. very pretty. :)

  11. The colors in this palette are definitely irresistable! i can imagine you doing a lot of fabulous future EOTD's with this. Super great deal! :-)

  12. I love the 10 blush palette too <3!!

  13. They look amazing. i've never heard of the brand before though. Might have to have a look for them online. I really want a blush palette, this one looks so nice aswell. xx


  14. I love your blog :)

    Because I read about how you used alcohol to fix a broken eyeshadow, I did it to one of my broken eyeshadows as well and it sure did do the job. Thanks for the tip!

    I can't wait to see what you do with this palette!


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