Nichido Minerals Precise Liquid Liner

Nichido Minerals Precise Liquid Liner

I am very excited to share with you this new find of mine. I was in SM department store with mom and I noticed this new item from the Nichido shelf. I was actually a bit excited to  try it since it has silver glitters on its packaging. I thought that it was a shimmer/glitter black liner. To my surprise, it was their new liquid eyeliner. I love love love their liquid liner before I switched to gel liners. 

Can you see the silver glitters on the packaging. 

Their new liquid eyeliner has a new brush. This is far from their  old liner with a flimsy brush. This one is pointed and more stiffer. Hence, application is easier. 
The shade is pure black and its really matte.

Do I like this liner? YES YES YES!!!

I swatched it on my wrist at their counter. The SA told me to wait for a few seconds because it dries quickly. Indeed, it dried quickly. Then, I decided to rub it off my wrist and  it did not rub off!! Instead of walking away from the Nichido counter, I asked the SA to give me a new stock of this liner. haha Finally! A local brand that is long wearing, non transferable and waterproof liquid eyeliner!Isn't this good news? I was thinking of getting the Maybelline Pen liner but thank heavens I found this one! Also, when you shake the bottle you will here there is a tiny ball inside wiggling.. The concept is like that of the ball inside the nail polish bottle to keep them from drying.
This is how it looks like when worn. Intensity level check! :D
What I love about this eyeliner?
  • Long wearing (I use this eyeliner in the afternoon when I went to review school and when I came home in the evening ,the shade and intensity did not change.)
  • It does not smudge. (if you do not believe me, try swatching it at their counters to see.. hehe)
  • CHEAP!! This only costs 150 pesos!! 
  • The shade is matte and pure black. 
  • I love the brush applicator. It made the application easier.
What don't like about this eyeliner?

What is you latest find? Care to share? 
Godbless everyone!!


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  1. Oh!!! Thanks for the review and the great find. My first ever liquid liner was from this brand and ever since it's been an inseparable part of my makeup routine. ^^

  2. I'm not keen on liners like this, i prefer the plastic tip pens xxx

  3. Oh my gosh! A matte liquid eyeliner!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this sis :) :) :)

    I was frustrated thinking all liquid liners end up being glossy :P

  4. Do they have the a brown version of this one? Grabe this one's pretty cheap ha! Glad you're back blogging.

    Btw what camera do you use?

  5. sadly none! nakakainis palaging black ginagawa nila.. hehe i hope they create different shades.,. i use sony H70

  6. OMG nice find gottah try this one if i ran out :D
    nice post!

  7. I would definitely try this one ♥

  8. I will try this very soon. I am really afraid of using liquid liners because I had a bad experience using one. :) I have an oily face and an oily lid as well, this may work on me. :)


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