NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp

I am finally reviewing the infamous soft matte lip cream of NYX. A lot of people are raving about it. I got really curious. I tried Antwerp because I was in my quest for a nice peachy pink shade (but more on the peach side). I bought this for 270 pesos from Starmaine Shop. I was very excited to try it (as in ibang level ang excitement  ko!). When I finally get to try it on my lips, my instant reaction was - WTH!?!!?! hahaha Yup! My reaction was like that! I was expecting too much from this product. Oh the agony of immersing yourself on a makeup hype that did not reach your expectation!!!! Sigh!
The brush applicator is the ordinary doe foot applicator. It is bigger than my ELF lip stain. 
The shade is so gorgeous. I can attest that it made me look so fresh and innocent(may ganitong impact siya! haha) when I wore this. My boyfriend for ten years (why can't i hear wedding bells when i say this? oh no proposal yet.. that's why.. haha) told me that my lipstick suits me very well. He hates to see me with makeup on! I rarely wear makeup when I am with him. A blush and a lipstick for him is too much! HE told me that this lipstick looks so natural on me. Indeed, the shade Antwerp is really lovely in my opinion too. 
Whenever I apply it, it creates those crazy streaks. It can easily be removed when the product has not yet dried on your lips. Unlike my ELF lipstain, this lip creme takes forever to dry. After drying, the product stays on your lip unless you'll eat. It will definitely wear off upon finishing a meal or a snack. It is not that long lasting as my ELF studio lip stain in my opinion. However, it applies smoothly on the lips and there is no sticky feel on the lips.
I need to apply two to three coats of the product to get this look.  It is not too drying compared to ELF lip stain.

Over all, I really think that it depends on the shade you are buying. Antwerp is really sheer on my dark and pigmented lips. If I bought Addis Abba or Sau Paulo, probably my review would have been a bit different.Also, I was expecting a lot from this product. I really thought that it would exceed my fondness for my ELF Fashionista lip stain since the blogging world is raving about this. I felt bewildered because I was the only one
(Am I the only one?? speak up people!!! haha) who did not like this product. I have to test the other shades. The other colors might change my mind, don't you think? I am really into pigmentation and lasting effect and in both cases, this product failed my standards.

Have a nice day ahead!! Godbless everyone!

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  1. Girl you're on a roll!!! :) :) :)

  2. Like you, I also have dark pigmented lips kaya super hassle to try light-colored lip products. Dapat lagi pigmented and opaque to cover out my real lip color. Thanks for this review! I'm looking forward to more. Welcome back again!

  3. Me again. I'm really curious, How do you take your awesome macro shots? Your pictures are really nice and very famous online (some steal them kasi). You said na Sony digicam ang gamit mo but they look very pro! I hope you give us some tips! :) Thanks!


  4. Hi Ivy!! Yup a lot of my pictures are being stolen online.. some even remove my watermark.. boo!! i will try to do post about it to help my readers who also blog.. :D godbless

  5. It's good to see all sorts of thoughts on this matte lip cream. I've heard really good and really bad but it def depends on the shade.

  6. Sis, mas sheer nga yung ibang shades ng soft matte lip creams. Meron ako Milan, happy ako dito, tapos bumili ako Istanbul, lighter color siya tapos mas sheer. Tinest ko sa bazaar Sao Paolo at Addis Ababa- mas ok itong 2 if you want more pigmented shades. :)

  7. I have this in stockholm... Or was it London? I can't remember. I had similar sentiments about the streakiness and the lasting power (when eating). Mine was really pigmented, well imo. It gave me this nice nude color. I think it might help if you use a lip concealer(or normal concealer, really they give the same effect). It will help give a lighter base to your lips and the color will come out better. >3< Hope this was helpful!

  8. oh yay!! you're back donnarence. :) thank you for this review! ^_^ i have tried another color but i found it too drying for my lips. :/


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