San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation

San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation

You all know how I love watching Filipina makeup gurus on youtube. I just simply love them especially when they do haul videos because the products they are ranting or raving are readily available here in the Philippines. Whenever I watch haul videos of Jarmaine or That's Heart, I can just say.. How I wish those are available here. One makeup product that I am currently craving for is the Revlon Lip Butters.. I so want one (honestly, all the shades.. :D). Moving on, I was watching MaricarlJanah doing her Sansan Haul. I have the sansan concealer which she loves and I am using it everyday. Then she mentioned this foundation, I got so curious (AGAIN!?!?!). I got myself one.

She looks so gorgeous in this video. 
The foundation has a spatula. I think this is really helpful if the bottle does not come with a pump. 
I was really amazed with the consistency and coverage. I is very blendable. It goes on smoothly on my face. I never expected that a local brand can come up with such foundation. The coverage is medium-slightly heavy and very buildable. Why I did get the two shades? Simple. Again, I cannot find my exact shade.  No. 3 looks dark and very beige-ish brown on my skin. Then, I grabbed another bottle in shade NO. 2. I thought that it was in  yellow tone but it is more of pinkish and beige-ish in color. 
When blended. My shade formula is actually 3/4 of no. 3 and 1/3 of no. 2. I should get the right shade or else... Hello, Floating face!!
I cannot imagine I am comparing San San with my Mac Studio Fix. The consistency is almost the same. Can you see how thick the san san is? However, Mac studiofix dries faster.  Both lasts long on my skin. I tried the SanSan foundation on a hot and humid weather and amazingly it stayed on my skin. Take not that I have normal to dry skin. I was expecting to look like a greaseball by mid day but my face just looked dewy. I do not know if the effect will be the same to other people especially those with oily skin. 
I love MAC NC35. This is the perfect shade for me. It blends so well with my skin tone. 

Hello bare face! I am really comfortable with  my bare face. I can go out my house with it. I just hate my dark bags. Can you see? Arghhh!! 
On my skin is the San San foundation. Can you see how it cover my spider veins and pores? Nice noh? You have to blend well to prevent crazy streaks on your skin. I have yet to try applying it with my stippling brush. 
With Fanny Serrano Powder Foundation in Chino.
My face looks so even and smooth (EHEM...thanks to foundation. To whoever invented foundation, cheers! ). 

What I like about this foundation?
Affordable. I got it on sale for 100 pesos!! 
It did not cause me any zit or rashes. I use it more often than my Maybelline Pure Minerals Liquid Foundation (this is my to-go-foundation before if I want a bit more coverage.. but the coverage is really light for my liking).  I was actually afraid to try this since because my skin usually breaks out with local foundations specifically Ever Bilena. 
The coverage is so good. I can say that I will give it a 5/5 ranking. 
It applies so smoothly and evens out my skin so well. I like the spatula that comes with it. I do not have to dig inside the bottle using my finger or pour the product. Applying this foundation is mess free thanks to the spatula. haha
It has this sweet mocha scent. Call it weird, I do not care but I am definitely loving it. :D

What I do not like about this foundation?
The shade selection is really poor. I do not know what is wrong with Filipino makeup companies why can't they get the right shade for Filipina (Except for Fanny Serrano.. Kudos to your foundations that suits Filipina skin very well. I think).  Do I have to reiterate that WE ARE YOUR MARKET. I have a normal skin shade like most Filipina. I am not morena nor fair. I have a medium yellow skin tone and I just can't find my shade. That is just freaking crazy. I do not know who they test on to arrive at these shades. All I know is.. it is an absolute FAIL! I should be giving this foundation an HG status material were it not for the limited shades. Also, if the weather is too humid, it makes my skin a bit oily too but since I have dry skin this is not a very big deal for me. 

Over all, this foundation is really good. Among the local brands that sells liquid foundation, I can say this is on top of the line. I just want to say that if this foundation worked for me it does not mean it will for you.
As the Latin phrase goes..
Caveat emptor, in other words, let the buyer beware.

Godbless everyone. :D

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  1. Haha. If I were there, I would have probably bought that foundation already thanks to Janah's video!

    Nice review, sis! ^_^

  2. I also find it hard to pick the right foundation shade for my skin tone. I'm morena and most shades available in our local market are lighter than my skintone... I used Sansan No. 3 face powder before and it suited me well. I haven't used Sansan's foundation yet but I think it's good to pick one right now as HBC is currently having it's YES sale. =)

  3. Haha I know the feeling... getting swayed by other bloggers and YouTubers to buy products! :D

    I have this one too. I like that the finish is matte! :D I wish that they had a wider shade range, though. I also like their Soleil matte foundation :D

  4. I'm so glad you like this foundation. Thank you so much for featuring me in your post too. Btw, I love your skin! :)

  5. your skin is super flawless!!I'll go give this a try soon once i pass by HBC. :)

    awesome review!



  6. hahaha. i also got this foundation after watching Janah's review! :)

  7. I've been using this foundation even before I saw all the great reviews of it by various beauty bloggers. I'm glad everybody likes it. ^^ I have oily skin, and this foundation works very well on me. With other foundations, my face gets oily within just a couple of hours. But this foundation keeps shine at bay.


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