Angels Overload

I can't get enough of them. How I wished I watched this show live. I MUST lose weight not to the point of being skin and bone. Just lose the excess fat I gained from my review (excess fat ba ang 10 pounds? haha). I am so inspired that it makes me wanna run on the threadmill all day. Adam Levine is so hot.. wahhh.. The scene where he kissed Anne V was so epic. It really deserves a slow motion. haha

I find this ad sexier. I love women in suits. You do not have to bare skin to look HOT!
Have a fabulous day everyone!!


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  1. i love this. when i saw the clips online few days (?) before i was sooo excited already :D im glad its now viral

  2. OMGAHHH this vids make me wanna go buy lingeries! LOL but first I need to work out!! hahaha! Hi :)


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