CLOSED!!! Sigma F80 Brush Review and Giveaway

Hi everyone. I am sorry I am bombarding you with two posts within day. Being a bum is hard for me.. hahaha I received a message months ago from Jessica of the Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program asking me to join their program! I was freaking happy when they emailed me. I have heard of their program before and I was saddened by the fact that you had to have 1000 something followers to qualify for their program. Luckily, I was contacted by them even though I do not have 1000 followers yet. Thank you so much Sigma!! 1 year ago, I was drooling over their brushes and I never imagined that I would own one before I even have a job. haha They have really fast shipping. This brush arrived only after a week and straightly delivered to my doorstep. Actually, I was about to buy another ELF powder brush because my ELF powder brush looks so old and my charm brush handle broke. Sad!!!! I love the Charm Flat Top brush so much. I think the heavens heard my dilemma and sent Sigma to the rescue. 

The handle is so sturdy and posh looking. 
The bristles are so soft. I use it to buff powder around my eyes without fear of being pricked.  
This is the softest brush I have ever tried. Swear! (I could say ang soft, ang dulas.. referring to the bristles..haha) The brush is really dense and firm. You need less effort in buffing makeup products on your face. 
I was kinda surprise when I received this brush.
The brush head is smaller than my ELF Powder Brush and Charm Flat Top Brush. 
If there is one brush every makeup enthusiast must have, that would be a good and soft flat top brush.A flat top brush can do a lot of things from foundation application to contouring. You can use it with powdered makeup and even liquid ones.
If you want me to do a comparative review of the three brushes just let me know. :D
 The Sigma F80 brush is the softest brush I have ever tried. I am not telling this because they gave it to me for free but it is just the truth! haha The softness of the bristles makes it very easy to work with. It applies liquid and powdered makeup like a dream. It leaves my skin with an even and smooth finish. I mainly use this for my foundation routine. I reached this more now than my other two flat top brushes. It did not bleed nor lost a fiber when I washed it. I also use this in applying liquid foundation. It gives my skin flawless finish. The brush head, although smaller compared with my other flat top brushes, makes it perfect for contouring! I do not use this in applying blush because I prefer an angled brush. I sweep my blush onto my skin not buff it like crazy. This costs 16$. 

Click here for more information about Sigma Brushes. 

Sigma is so generous to share with my readers a giveaway!! Clap, clap, clap...
Thank you Sigma! This is open internationally!!
One lucky reader of My Lucid Intervals will be receiving a Sigma F80 Brush!!

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Winner will be announce on the 15th of December. :D 

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Godbless everyone! 


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